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Latest news: Bio fracturing fluid recycling in Qinghai Oilfield

Latest news: Bio fracturing fluid recycling in Qinghai Oilfield

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  The latest news, China Petroleum Network News said, Qinghai oil field lion Ping 1 wells after 159 hours of continuous drainage, with 4 mm nozzle release, Nissan oil 129.45 cubic meters, was a high production of industrial oil flow. This is Qinghai oilfield since the beginning of this year since the use of new fracturing fluid reservoir transformation after the harvest of sixth high-yield oil and gas wells.

  Site construction technician Guo Bin said: "the lion Ping 1 well fracturing success, proved that the use of new fracturing fluid can solve an dual media, complex lithology, fracture and fault control problems of reservoir."

  Mao Ping 1 well is located in the western depression of Qaidam Basin oil and gas exploration risk area, Qinghai oilfield is the new fracturing fluid system slickwater + bio clean reservoir transformation successful first horizontal wells. After fracturing the well, Nissan produced 10 thousand and 500 cubic meters of natural gas, achieving a breakthrough in production from zero to high production.

  Qinghai Oilfield Drilling Research Institute of reservoir reconstruction center responsible person said: "the Yu Mao Ping 1 well has the characteristics of long horizontal section and large scale, poor physical property, the transformation is difficult. We optimized the hydraulic pumping multi stage volume fracturing process of soluble Saido cluster, and selected the newly developed biological cleaning fracturing fluid system. The biggest characteristic of this kind of fracturing fluid is that it can be recycled and used. It can not only reduce the cost of fracture construction, but also protect the reservoir well."

  Qinghai Oilfield Drilling Technology Research Institute responsible person said, fracturing fluid reservoir transformation process is the cost of large consumers. The liquid reservoir in the process of transforming a large amount of liquid after the transformation of the high treatment cost and environmental pressure problem, Qinghai oilfield, combining with the geological characteristic of complex Qaidam Basin, combining the geological, engineering and scientific research and production, technology and efficiency of the fracturing fluid system developed a series of compliance with the plateau characteristics of oilfield.

  Since the beginning of this year, Qinghai oilfield has increased the intensity of research and development of new fracturing fluid and the innovative application of horizontal well fracturing and straight seam fracturing technology. As of now, Qinghai oilfield since the beginning of this year has completed 114 wells fracturing 185 layers, respectively, to complete the annual plan of 63% and 68%; acidizing operation 225 wells 310 layers, respectively, to complete the annual plan of 72% and 111%.

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