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Jilin oilfield and Daqing drilling work together to build a new model of integrated cooperation

Jilin oilfield and Daqing drilling work together to build a new model of integrated cooperation

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  This year, Jilin Oilfield Company and Daqing drilling company is a game of chess, with a strong, out of the "four body" integration cooperation and win-win new road, both sides of the key cost control, construction quality and operation efficiency reached the highest level in recent years. As of late July, Daqing drilling company drilled 375 wells in Jilin exploration area, an increase of 225 wells; Jilin Oilfield Company's new production capacity of 150 thousand tons, an increase of 50 thousand tons.

  In recent years, Jilin Oilfield Company and Daqing drilling company are facing multiple pressures and challenges due to poor quality of resources and low oil prices. At the beginning of this year, the two sides actively seek new way under the new norm of common development, after the 6 focus, the study identifies new mode of integration and cooperation, by the Daqing drilling company of Jilin Oilfield Company provides comprehensive engineering and technical services, and signed the "capacity building engineering contracting framework agreement". After six months of practice, the two sides to explore the formation of the basic principles of risk sharing, resource sharing, cost reduction, a total win-win cooperation ", to" work, unity coalition, the fate of the community "and" four body "construction of new mode, do the development of oil and gas business and Engineering Technology Service Co research, in close cooperation, explore the effective way of low quality of oilfield development, not only ensures the capacity construction of Jilin oilfield, and alleviate the prominent contradiction facing Daqing drilling business development.

  Focus on promoting the integration of cooperation projects, the two sides perfect coordination mechanism, establish "give full play to the advantages of integration and coordination of the role of the leading group, and resolutely do construction of unified organization, unified design, unified and coordinated operation optimization, to ensure decision-making arrangements in place, policy support in place, coordination in place, management in place" mode of operation two play, three unified, four in place, forming a "scheme optimization integration, technology innovation integration, production efficiency, saving the integration of" integration of "Four Integration" organization, make the cooperation more smoothly, more scientific management, more efficient operation.

  The two sides "integrated cooperation" pushed forward for six months, and the work has achieved remarkable results. Give full play to advantages and make production run smoothly and efficiently. The drilling time of Daqing drilling company and Jilin exploration area is only 80 days, which is reduced by more than 40 days compared with the previous years. It is the least in the last 5 years. It is equivalent to running more than 23 rigs. The construction period is shortened by 5.68 days, or by 33.3%. Jilin oilfield through the creation of large platforms, intensive production, the establishment of programs, such as continuous trial model, the overall yield of the program reached 6%, reducing investment 130 million yuan, the first half of the new capacity increased by 50 thousand tons.

  Innovation optimization, production costs decreased significantly. Reservoir, drilling, oil, ground and other professional interactive multi round optimization scheme of Jilin oilfield, creating a large platform construction intensive production mode, comprehensive application of Shuangjing pumping capacity, construction investment is reduced by more than 30%. Daqing drilling team to strengthen the overall cost control, strengthen production management and analysis, quantify the single well calculation, and further lowering the efficiency, reducing the efforts to tap the potential of the first half of the Daqing drilling company of Jilin area in the unit cost is reduced by more than 20%.

  The technical support plays a significant supporting role. The two sides jointly carry out technical research, jointly optimize the construction design, and promote efficient sharing of technology resources, and give full play to the technology in speeding up the effectiveness of the support and support role. The drilling speed is increased by 29%, and the average single well construction period is shortened by two days in Xinli oilfield of Jilin oilfield. Daqing drilling company Jilin exploration innovation development group fracturing technology, pressure production is expected to reach more than 3 times the normal pressure.

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