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Jilin Qian'an oil production plant leveraging technology and key

Jilin Qian'an oil production plant leveraging technology and key

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  Chinese oil network news September 25th, Qian'an oil production plant of Jilin Oilfield by carefully organized nitrogen foam flooding technology, a total of 8 wells construction displacement, oil throughput of 35, increasing oil 21.8 tons, increased 1650 tons of oil.

  In order to benefit the old liberated areas, since the beginning of this year, Qian'an oilfield combine actual oilfield, constantly optimize the structure measures, seek technical breakthrough. They carefully organized storage measures research test, deepen the understanding of reservoir and flooding of water, suitable selection of wells, oil fracturing technology research and reservoir contradictions governance, effectively promoting the empowerment of old wells. In the first 8 months of this year, a total of 257 measures were completed, with 166 effective measures, with an efficiency of 81.4% and 49.3 tons of daily oil, with a total increase of 5790 tons.

  Water flooding oil displacement is the most commonly used method of Qian'an oil production plant, but with water flooding efficiency decline year by year, the factory has been exploring other flooding, and strive through three oil recovery effectively, enhance the use rate of reservoir. In 2016, the factory is preferably 5 export potential wells, identify the straight well and horizontal well stimulation "direction, carefully carry out nitrogen foam flooding test, using the new technology of formation energy, increase the single well productivity. As of early September, has been effective in 16 wells, the initial daily 13.4 tons of oil, now growing oil 3.9 tons, increased 1620 tons of oil. On the basis of understanding of previous tests, this year, the scale of the plant has been extended. At present, 43 have been built, and the daily output of oil has reached 21.8 tons.

  In order to improve the yield of single well reservoir permeability, Qian'an oil production plant to carry out high-temperature miscible flooding test. They selected 11 blocks to inject high temperature flue gas + steam water to improve the injection production relation of the two well oil field. Qian'an area many reservoirs with ultra-low permeability, even if the increase of water injection rate of liquid production change is not obvious, the water rate is high, it is difficult to establish effective displacement relationship, single well productivity plays. Qian'an oilfield chose 26-3 wells and wells as well for 11-10-32 test, were injected into 250 to 300 degrees Celsius temperature of flue gas and steam to the formation, the cumulative gas injection of 370 thousand cubic meters, around 7 wells are effective, water content decreased by 32.7%, increasing oil 5.1 tons, increased 669 tons of oil.

  Expansion of old wells fracturing is one of the effective means to improve the production capacity, in order to improve the effect of fracturing, Qian'an oilfield, carefully carry out the new fracturing technology research. Combining reservoir cognition and optimizing potential well, the fracturing test of pipe string in field is carried out in order to solve such bottlenecks as high construction pressure, large pressure fluctuation, difficult sand adding, serious filtration loss, heavy pressure and difficult to make new joint. In May this year, the implementation of the black 96-22-12 wells 90 MPa withstand pressure process string technology, the early production of liquid wells up 6.2 tons, Nissan oil rose 1.8 tons, integrated with the level of stability, oil better. Now the daily oil is still more than 1 tons, has achieved a total increase of 162 tons of oil. The fracturing process in the future, whenever encountered similar problems above, Qian'an oilfield can take the pressure process to crack pipe column technology.

  In addition, the plant also through deep water plugging technology and layered production process, to reduce ineffective output, give full play to the production capacity of a single well. 470 measures are expected to be completed this year, with an increase of more than 17 thousand tons of oil by the end of this year.

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