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Introduction to the main functions and uses of Mud Gas Separator

Introduction to the main functions and uses of Mud Gas Separator

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The Mud Gas Separator can effectively separate the mud and gas circulating in the well by discharging the gas and transporting the mud to the storage tank. It is mainly used to remove large bubbles with a diameter of 3mm, most of which are expanding gas filled in drilling fluid, which can effectively avoid upwelling.


Our Mud Gas Separator is manufactured according to API and ISO standards and has various sizes to meet different needs. The base of the mud/gas separator can be fixed or lifted according to customer requirements.


The main features of Mud Gas Separator are as follows:


1. Anti-corrosion epoxy coating to ensure long service life of the mud/gas separator.


2. Mainly used to remove large bubbles of 3~25mm.


3. Reduce the threat of harmful gas: the separated free gas is discharged to a safe place through the exhaust pipe and burned.


4. Effectively remove the free gases separated from the drilling fluid, including toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide.


5. Sliding type transportation, simple structure, large processing capacity, high degassing efficiency and convenient installation.


6. Mud gas separators have been widely used in oil and gas drilling and coal bed methane solid control systems.


7. Separate and discharge a large amount of free gas in the mud system, including toxic gas, such as hydrogen sulfide.

8. The separated gas is discharged to the safe area of ​​the well site through the blow-out pipeline for blow-out combustion.

9. The equipment is coated with anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion layer, which can extend the service life when dealing with corrosive gases.


Mud Gas Separator uses:


Drilling and piling, and the reuse of non-excavation mud treatment and separation mud are conducive to saving slurry materials and reducing construction costs. The closed-circuit mud circulation method and the reduced water content of the ballast are beneficial to reduce environmental pollution. Belt filter press is an integrated sewage sludge treatment equipment, on-line precision filtration system and other reasonable price and reliable ring filtration products. It is widely used in urban domestic sewage, textile printing and dyeing, electroplating, papermaking, leather, brewing, food processing, The sludge dehydration treatment in coal washing, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, ceramics and other industries is also suitable for solid separation or liquid leaching processes in industrial production.