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Intelligent measurement and adjustment of water injection well in seven oil production plant of Daqing Oilfield

Intelligent measurement and adjustment of water injection well in seven oil production plant of Daqing Oilfield

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  Chinese oil network news in November 20th, the Daqing oilfield seven plant was informed that this factory and Beijing keyregion Technology Development Co. Ltd. measuring injection wells cooperative innovation carried out "system adaptation and field control intelligent test" in the successful completion of the project, water injection well measuring and adjusting work from the traditional "people with" mode of operation to "the intelligent transformation of single operation".

  With the development of oilfield development, the number of water injection wells increases year by year, and the number of injection wells in domestic onshore oil field has reached 100 thousand. The daily adjustment of water injection well needs manual operation, and the labor cost increases year by year. The intensity of the adjustment work is high, the efficiency is low and the safety risk is high.

  Daqing oil production plant seven attaches great importance to innovation work, and actively explore the means and methods of industrial intelligence. In view of the long-term pressure of the water injection well, the geological team of the company, through the cooperation with Beijing machine science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., tailored a set of intelligent monitoring and control system for water injection well testing and adjustment.

  After two years, Beijing keyregion Technology Development Co. Ltd. together from the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Zhejiang University, Chinese Academy of Sciences University computer, automation control, electrical and other professional more than Dr., by virtue of its intelligent manufacturing, cloud computing and big data fields in recent years the innovation ability and experience, combined with the characteristics of oil field water injection well testing work through the measurement, adaptation adjusting intelligent control system of injection wells and field test, so as to realize the water injection well testing process automation, intelligence and information.

  The control system mainly through the implementation of water injection well measuring and adjusting vehicle modification, adaptation, system control software compatibility reform and other measures, combined with the current testing technology to injection wells and water injection wellhead equipment, realize the installation and disassembly, measuring instrument measuring and adjusting the rotating nozzle lowering and mention the adjustment gate open and close etc. the operation process automation and intelligent control. At the same time, the control system has the function of automatic card removal when the measuring instrument meets the card, realizes the single person single well adjustment operation, and can realize the remote monitoring of the measurement and adjustment field.

  At the end of October, Daqing oil seven plants were used in the control system of 2 units, completed a total of 48 wells injection well testing, the average single well measuring 2.52 days / times, measuring and adjusting efficiency 8.73 times higher than the average per month. The testing efficiency of 0.69 wells / month, the overall efficiency is improved by 10 times above.

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