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Increasing profits of six concepts of Tarim Oilfield

Increasing profits of six concepts of Tarim Oilfield

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  China oil network news first 6 months of this year, the Tarim oilfield production of oil and gas equivalent of more than 12 million 850 thousand tons, achieved more than half the time, more than half of the task; pre tax profits rose 55%, savings and 616 million yuan, the profit contribution rate to maintain the forefront of group company.

  Since the beginning of this year, Tarim Oilfield firmly establish the "resource is king", "science and technology leading", "system management", "fine development", "benefit development", "safety green" six concepts. Vigorously implement the "resources, innovation, market, low cost" four strategies, conscientiously do a good job of natural gas production, crude oil and condensate oil production increases by three articles, built 30 million tons of oil and gas fields to tamp the development foundation for "13th Five-Year" during a high level of quality and high benefit.

  Adhere to the king of resources, boost oil and gas exploration thick resources. The exploration of resources in the first place, aimed at the big goal, looking for a big oil, big construction. The eastern Kuche basin, Ordovician 2 found that the jump over 22 wells, jump over 20C wells to obtain industrial oil and gas, oil and gas scale further westward expansion; shallow enrichment exploration area of oil and gas outburst, Wensu 1 wells, 3 wells, Bo Zi full plus 4 wells to obtain 3 important signs for continue to expand the exploration results and lay a solid foundation; the tower 582, 61 middle middle east two wells to see good oil and gas shows, the realization of the 1 progress.

  Adhere to problem oriented, seize the well deployment "method". Vigorously implement the six areas of Kuche gas efficient development, effective development of carbonate oil and gas fields, clastic rock rolling exploration and development, and other projects. 122 development wells in the first quarter of the annual plan, fully deployed, built of crude oil production capacity of 148 thousand tons, 645 million cubic meters of natural gas production, Nii 60, production of oil and gas production of 323 thousand and 500 tons, an increase of the contribution rate of 19%.

  Adhere to the benefit as the center, release the single well and create new vigor. The benefit maximization of single well is the basis of maximizing the benefit of oilfield development. Tarim Oilfield has gradually increased the technical research and application efforts of horizontal wells, volumetric fracturing and measures to control, so as to realize the development of low grade reserves. The original plan for the implementation of 113 wells measures, through the benefit evaluation of "Scaling", only 83 times the amount of implementation tasks, to achieve increased 59 thousand and 800 tons of oil, more than originally planned target growth of 43.6%, effectively improve the single well production and economic benefits.

  The pursuit of "three fine", normalization, tapping potential and increasing efficiency. Around the annual holding revenue target of 1 billion yuan, the Tarim Oilfield from the top-level design, project investment cost, start to formulate specific measures of lowering the efficiency of 26 to form a full budget, everybody cost, everyone when Butler cost control network, to achieve savings and 616 million yuan, to further consolidate the foundation steady the development of the.

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