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In the project of fast CCDC emboldened enough

In the project of fast CCDC emboldened enough

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  China oil network news at the end of September, the project CCDC Changqing underground this year has completion of 255, oil (gas) fracturing 1228 layers, accounting for 58% and 90.6% of the annual target. Compared with the same period last year, the completion rate and work volume increased by 142% and 176% respectively.

  This year, Changqing Oilfield plans to reach 445 wells in Longdong area, and complete 1345 levels of oil testing and fracturing, of which 52 and 572 levels are in the horizontal well. The Longdong Project Department of Changqing downhole company mainly undertakes the fracturing test technology construction service of the horizontal wells, the new test wells, the high risk area wells and the oil (gas) exploration evaluation wells. Since its start in March, the company in charge of leadership, project team members and corresponding group room, in accordance with the management hierarchy, business classification, the implementation of market development responsibilities, optimize production organizations, further speed up efficiency.

  This project is set up by the Ministry of water, in the temporary anaphora South beam, construction personnel nearby accommodation, chemical materials, proppant direct supply, realize the production on security. In order to reduce the external troubles and production stop, coordinate the water supply wells, optimize the tank capacity configuration, improve the recovery and utilization of the waste water and speed up the water supply. The implementation of continuous mixing, reduce the number of moving and lifting trains, improve equipment utilization. The application of TDY high efficiency fracturing tubing string, high efficiency multi cluster injection, staged fracturing, and new type of oil displacing fracturing fluid can increase production speed and promote production efficiency.

  The project department this year and two plant, Changqing Oilfield in the open air, gas exploration project group set up a joint innovation pilot leading group, with overall responsibility at 86 well area of innovative experiments and in the open air, gas exploration tasks, and achieved good results. According to statistics, Changqing Oilfield this year, only 86 wells in the afternoon, a total of 188 wells, plans to build 175 thousand tons of production capacity. Igawa drilling company drilling and oil testing fracturing contractor undertakes tasks, has completion of 129, completed the 423 level test oil fracturing. Through the benchmarking analysis, the drilling completed 40 days ahead of schedule and put into operation 10 days ahead of schedule. The average drilling, test and cast construction cycles of single well are shortened.

  In accordance with the "six measures" index of Changqing Oilfield, the production of single wells has reached the assessment target, and the production of new wells in the first half of this year exceeded 7599 tons, exceeding 150 tons. The gas well Qing 1-9-60H1 wells by one point method, after fracturing 6 after the test day was 36 thousand cubic meters of industrial gas, Gansu 19 wells and 26 wells Gansu by acidification fracturing test respectively, by 44 thousand cubic meters and 22 thousand cubic meters of industrial gas.

  "Implement the factory management of the lump sum block, optimize the fracturing parameters, improve the construction schedule, and implement the responsibility for safety and environmental protection." Not long ago, Fu Suotang came to the general manager of Changqing Oilfield in Longdong area of research, development and application of quality, technology, team management, three standard construction, Changqing underground green oil test, to complete the work fully affirmed.

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