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In the active phase of crude oil 4200 tons of production overcapacity win

In the active phase of crude oil 4200 tons of production overcapacity win

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  China Petroleum Network News Daqing oil two plant firmly grasp the initiative in oil and gas production, through precise development, optimization operation, to achieve the upper production speed. As of now, the factory produced 2 million 943 thousand and 100 tons of crude oil, 4200 tons of production stage, to lay the foundation for the completion of the annual 5 million 870 thousand tons of crude oil production tasks.

  In water flooding, oil two plants relying on South four West water control efficiency demonstration area, further optimization of injection production structure adjustment, increasing segmentation, weight adjustment, deepening the multi well network collaborative relationship between injection and production adjustment, strengthen the special treatment project with low injection wells governance, the implementation of the 806 adjustment wells second, single well daily increased 0.2 tons of oil, water content decreased by 0.11 percentage points.

  In chemical flooding, oil plant two South four East two optimization oil flooding system, research on connectivity quality and effective characteristics to carry out the two class B reservoir, promote the technical limits of sand classification precision; focusing on production block, highlighting the timely and accurate analysis, deepen the classification of wells potential, increase the level and adjust the implementation of various scale. The adjustment of 1106 wells, increasing oil reached 48.1 tons tons.

  In the measures, the two production plant in underground survey as the basis, to improve the standard of thin layer fracturing technology, explore the precise control of fracturing and fracturing technology of sand control, optimization design, pay attention to the daily supervision, strengthening measures. Two, flooding in the first half of the implementation of oil well fracturing 123 times, the average daily increase of 4.9 tons of oil wells, 6 wells fill holes, 1026 tons of oil increase.

  Optimize organization operation and improve production management ability. Two factory production plan, highlighting the classification will be responsible, special treatment, optimize the arrangement, ensure the production of stable operation and high efficiency, and will yield quantitative decomposition to the management technology and security departments to achieve an orderly convergence and overall operation. Technical personnel combined with underground casing damage and ground conditions to carry out the work of casing damage control, 150 oil and water wells have been repaired, 4293 cubic meters of water injection will be resumed daily, and 49 tons of oil will be recovered.

  Speed up the production of new, faster production capacity. Oil production optimization of two plants, with ground construction design as the basis, according to the different process and the degree of difficulty of construction, directly into the old and old wells preferred measurement network construction and put into operation; in the new metering room well, take a temporary line lap way ahead of the organization of new wells, improve the productivity contribution. Two factory production of fine construction organization, the organization mode of prefabricated, modular installation, personalized production ", to reduce the process of cross promotion, prefabrication, installation, commissioning of the organic combination, to achieve early production, early results. Up to now, 82 new wells have been put into operation, and the block operation rate has reached 92.86%.

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