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Huabei Oilfield with "winter clothes" warm safe production

Huabei Oilfield with "winter clothes" warm safe production

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  China petroleum network news with the deployment of one winter heat preservation floor, Huabei Oilfield Company officially opened the safety production mode in winter. By November 8th, the oilfield company has been steadily advancing the oil and gas production on the line.

  In order to realize the safe production of winter long before the early implementation, in July this year, the company began to prepare, combing the winter heat preservation work, improve the working mechanism, clear work node, preparation of the implementation of the program. At the same time, the company asked the production units with statistical winter insulation work, arrange related supplies and equipment, planning in advance of production safety in winter.

  Since the beginning of October, for the orderly development of winter heat preservation work this year, actual production condition and weather changes with the company, issued the "notice" to do winter insulation work, to further clarify the tasks and goals, clear responsibilities, put forward specific requirements, to co-ordinate arrangements for the prevention of winter heat preservation work. Urge all units in the preparation of oil and gas production, transportation and other key links in winter operation scheme, operation scheme and special weather conditions, strict implementation, in order to promote winter heat preservation work.

  At the same time, the company according to the progress of units, the oil and gas production, transportation and other key links and processes, to carry out production, injection, transport, repair, processing and power station and other places of winter insulation on-site inspection. According to the regional climate characteristics, combined with the existing on-site inspection this year and in previous years, sort out one by one, focuses on the analysis of single well winter operation risks and arrival station processing system, making maintenance, corrective and protective measures, asked all units in a specified time to complete the task, strict thin tube well winter heat preservation work.

  In addition, the company also full emergency preparedness, prevention of low temperature cold ahead of the arrival, to strengthen the operation security under special weather conditions, the winter production plan preparation and implementation work of key deployment. Mining units actively carry out the heating pipeline pressure test work, in order to ensure the heating safety in winter.

  At present, the company of all relevant safety management departments through weekly, special inspection and regular inspection, strengthen supervision of the implementation of preventive measures and heat preservation, to ensure the completion of. Even the two branch, the project department in winter insulation workload and subsequent rectification has been completed ahead of schedule, entered the winter production mode. Other oil and gas production units basically completed rectification, organized work smoothly, has laid a solid foundation for the successful completion of the year-end target.

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