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How to use a hydrocyclone to make the effect good and Hydrocyclone Desander factory

How to use a hydrocyclone to make the effect good and Hydrocyclone Desander factory

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If we want to obtain good operating results, what operating points should we pay attention to during the operation of the   Hydrocyclone Desander?  


1.Determine the appropriate structural parameters

When choosing a   Hydrocyclone Desander, we sh  ould determine the structural parameters mainly based on the volume of the pulp to be processed and the graded particle size.

First, determine the diameter of the cyclone according to the volume of the pulp to be processed and the classification particle size. Generally, when the overflow is thicker and the processing capacity is large, it is recommended to use a large-size cyclone, otherwise, use a small-size cyclone.


2.Choose the appropriate way to mine

Generally, the feeding methods o  f Hydrocyclone Desanders mainl  y include the following three:

Borrow the height difference to flow to the mine. This kind of ore feeding method requires a large height difference (generally above 5m), which is difficult to achieve when the terrain conditions do not allow;


3. Maintain a stable pressure on the mine

Generally, the feed pressure of the   Hydrocyclone Desander will   directly affect the processing capacity and grading particle size of the Hydrocyclone Desander, which can be adjusted by adding a frequency converter to the ore pump.

The higher the feed pressure and the higher the slurry flow rate, the greater the processing capacity of the Hydrocyclone Desander. At the same time, the greater the rotation speed and centrifugal force of the slurry in the cyclone, the finer the classification particle size. After determining the graded particle size, a certain pressure is required to adapt to it. If the pressure is too high, the fine particles mixed in the sedimentation will increase, and if the pressure is too small, the coarse particles mixed in the overflow will increase, which will greatly reduce the classification efficiency of th  e Hydrocyclone Desander.  


4. Pay attention to the change in the diameter of the grit

When the grit port increases, the amount of grit will increase and the concentration will decrease, the fine particles in the grit will increase, the overflow flow will decrease, and the overflow will become finer; on the contrary, when the grit port is reduced, the concentration of sediment will increase and overflow The coarse particles in the flow increase, and the overflow flow increases.


5.Maintain an appropriate ore concentration

The concentration of the ore feed will directly affect the concentration and particle size of the final product. When the feed concentration is too low, the classification efficiency of   the Hydrocyclone Desander is hi  gher but the dry ore processing capacity decreases; when the feed concentration is too high, the viscosity of the slurry increases, and the classification efficiency o  f the Hydrocyclone Desander dec  reases. Generally, the finer the graded particle size, the lower the ore concentration should be.


6. Remove debris in time before giving mine

For small diameter cyclones, the slag removal operation is particularly important. Before the cyclone feeds the ore, a screen can be used to isolate the weeding residue, sawdust and other debris to prevent the cyclone from clogging. Generally, the size of the slag removal screen is about 1/6-1/5 of the diameter of the grit port.


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