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How to extend the service life of Drilling Cutting Screw Conveyor

How to extend the service life of Drilling Cutting Screw Conveyor

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When many friends are operating the Drilling Cutting Screw Conveyor, they think that this is done all year round. Does it depend on the seasons? In fact, when you use the Long Drilling Cutting Screw Conveyor, you definitely hope that it will have the least amount of wear and create more However, many people don’t know how to maintain and maintain Drilling Cutting Screw Conveyor in winter. Today, I will introduce the maintenance of Drilling Cutting Screw Conveyor in winter:

Drilling Cutting Screw Conveyor

In order to improve the quality of Drilling Cutting Screw Conveyor and make it durable, each manufacturer has its own quality assurance system and testing methods. Some construction machinery mainframes and assembly parts are of better quality. However, the quality of the mechanical accessories produced by the outsourcing manufacturer is not good, which often causes the whole machine to malfunction. Therefore, it is recommended to use the original accessories when replacing the accessories.

In addition, the following points need to be done:

1. The cleaning fluid is allowed to use kerosene, gasoline and hydraulic oil with the same grade as the working oil of the hydraulic system.

2. The cleaning of hydraulic parts should be carried out on a special cleaning table. If limited by conditions, the cleanliness of the temporary work table should also be ensured.

3. The cleaned components are not allowed to be placed directly on the ground, concrete, floor, fitter's bench and assembly workbench. They should be placed in a container with a lid and filled with clean hydraulic oil.

4. The cleaned parts are not allowed to be wiped with cotton, linen, silk and chemical fiber fabrics to prevent the fallen fiber from polluting the system. It is also not allowed to use leather tigers to blow air to the components. If necessary, clean and dry compressed air can be used to dry the components.

5. Components that have been cleaned but not to be assembled should be stored in anti-rust oil. Special attention should be paid to Drilling Cutting Screw Conveyor anti-rust in humid areas and seasons.