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How to choose to buy Drilling Cutting Screw Conveyor?

How to choose to buy Drilling Cutting Screw Conveyor?

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Drilling Cutting Screw Conveyo from the manufacturer of Drilling Cutting Screw Conveyo is divided into two types of conveying methods: shaft screw conveyor and shaftless screw conveyor. In appearance, it is divided into U-shaped screw conveyor and Drilling Cutting Screw Conveyo. The shaft screw conveyor is suitable for non-viscous dry powder materials and small particle materials, while the shaftless screw conveyor is suitable for conveying viscous and easy-to-wind materials.

Drilling Cutting Screw Conveyor

The working principle of Drilling Cutting Screw Conveyo is that the rotating screw blade pushes the material and stops the screw conveyor. The force that prevents the material from rotating with the screw conveyor blade is the weight of the material itself and the frictional resistance of the screw conveyor casing to the material. The spiral blade welded on the rotating shaft of the screw conveyor has solid surface, belt surface, blade surface and other types according to the different materials to be conveyed. The screw shaft of the screw conveyor has a thrust bearing at the end of the material movement direction to give the axial reaction force of the screw with the material. When the length of the machine is long, the middle hanging bearing should be added.

When choosing Drilling Cutting Screw Conveyo, the following points were considered:
1. Choose suitable models according to different technological requirements. For high or small inclination and short interval conveying, a slow Drilling Cutting Screw Conveyo should be used; for vertical or large inclination conveying with a small height, vertical and fast Drilling Cutting Screw Conveyo should be used.
2. According to the different properties of the conveyed materials, the spiral blade method is confirmed. When conveying materials with good scattering properties such as wheat and rice, full-face blades should be used; when conveying oily materials with high viscosity and easy adhesion, belt blades should be used in order to avoid infarction.
3. Determine the direction of rotation of the spiral blade, the direction of the spiral shaft and the combination of the spiral body according to the layout requirements of the process equipment. After the position of the head and tail end of the conveyor is confirmed, the conveying direction of the material is confirmed. The spiral blade rotation and shaft rotation must meet the requirements; if the middle or both ends are to be discharged, the blades with different rotation directions should be combined into a spiral body.
4. Confirm the model and specification of Drilling Cutting Screw Conveyo according to the delivery volume requested by the process.