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How to choose the model of shaker screen products

How to choose the model of shaker screen products

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How to choose the right shaker screen products for you, I believe this question has troubled many users. Because the model selection is too large or too small, it will cause unnecessary losses to the user. Next, the shaker screen manufacturer will explain how to choose the model of shaker screen products.
The accurate selection of shaker screen products needs to refer to the following aspects:

shaker screen products
1. Material name and characteristics
In the long-term production and sales process, general shaker screen product manufacturers will summarize some suitable material models based on experience, so it is very necessary for users to provide material names, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of selection. Determine the physical properties of materials. For example, the particle size of the material, the specific gravity of the material, whether it is sticky or moist. The physical properties of the material will directly affect the screening effect.
2. Purpose of use
The purpose of the device also has a significant impact on the selection, such as screening or filtering? What is a classification level? Wait a moment.
3. Processing capacity requirements
In many cases, different users have different requirements for material handling capacity. The user's processing power requirements are also an important reference factor for selection.
4. Sieve diameter
The user's requirement for the screen size is also one of the important reference factors for the selection of shaker screen products. Larger mesh sizes do not pass through the screen more easily than smaller mesh sizes.
Only after understanding the above basic requirements, users can more accurately calculate the models and specifications of shaker screen products.