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How to choose good price and quality shaker screen

How to choose good price and quality shaker screen

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Vibrating screens are widely used in mining, coal, smelting, building materials, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. There are different types of vibrating screens suitable for different scenarios. Many people worry about the problem of shakers. How to choose good price and quality shaker screen products?

good price and quality shaker screen
1. Look at the purpose of filtering
The demand for good price and quality shaker screen varies greatly in different fields. Generally, it can be divided into mining vibrating screen, light fine vibrating screen and test vibrating screen. When purchasing a vibrating screen, you must first clarify the purpose of screening. If it is used in mining, coal and other industries, the screening weight is large and the screening particle size is large, and large-scale screening equipment such as linear vibrating screen and mining vibrating screen are generally used; if it is used in food, medicine and other industries, and the particles are small, then Equipment such as rotary sieves, ultrasonic sieves, airflow sieves, etc. are required; if used in the laboratory, more accurate screening data is required. At this point, better experimental screening equipment is needed.
2. See material properties and usage environment
The use environment and material properties of the screening material are different, and the type of good price and quality shaker screen required is also different. If used outdoors, ensure working conditions in bad weather and pay attention to environmental performance. Factors such as the size, density, temperature, viscosity, and corrosiveness of the screening material will affect the purchase of a vibrating screen. If the material is corrosive, special anti-corrosion materials should be selected to make the vibrating screen. At this point, it will test the custom production capabilities of good price and quality shaker screen manufacturers.
3. Look at special needs
After the introduction of the "dual carbon" policy, environmental protection has become a problem faced by many companies when they start work. If the pollution emissions are not up to standard, they will not be able to start production. Green Machinery recommends that you pay attention to the environmental protection performance of the vibrating screen when purchasing a vibrating screen, pay attention to whether the good price and quality shaker screen will produce dust and noise pollution during use, whether it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and whether the maintenance process is convenient. In addition, intelligence is another innovation* of the vibrating screen. The vibrating screen equipment is equipped with an intelligent operating system, which can intelligently adjust according to material characteristics, predict problems in advance, and provide intelligent voice broadcasting, which effectively reduces the probability of failure in the production process.
Generally speaking, as long as we start from our own screening needs and understand the strength and equipment performance of the manufacturer, there will be no mistakes in the purchase of good price and quality shaker screen. Some strong and experienced manufacturers will also provide more professional advice to help users purchase suitable vibrating screen equipment.