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How Desilter Hydrocyclones products work

How Desilter Hydrocyclones products work

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1. Before starting the test run, make sure that all the connection points of the Desilter Hydrocyclones products unit are fastened, and remove all kinds of residues in the pipeline and the unit box to avoid leakage and blockage after the start-up. Be sure to fully open the cyclone valve in service.

Desilter Hydrocyclones products

2. The valve can be fully open (as in a running cyclone) or fully closed (as in a backup cyclone), but must never be half-open (i.e. never allow the valve to control flow).

3. If possible, test drive with clean water first. The feed to the cyclone can be provided by pumping or head tank. If the pump matches the cyclone throughput, the pressure gauge shows a constant reading. To ensure that the pressure gauge reading does not fluctuate, if there is a significant fluctuation, check the cause. The equipment is required to work under pressure not higher than 0.3MPa.

4. When the equipment is running smoothly under normal pressure, check the leakage at the connection point and take remedial measures if necessary.

5. Check for blockages caused by debris entering Desilter Hydrocyclones products. The blockage of the cyclone feed port will reduce the flow of overflow and sand settling, and the blockage of the cyclone grit settling port will reduce the flow of sand settling or even stop the flow, and sometimes violent vibration will occur. In case of blockage, the cyclone feeding valve should be closed in time to remove the blockage. In order to prevent clogging, facilities for preventing coarse materials and sundries (such as a dust removal screen) can be added to the feed pool of the hydrocyclone group. The concentration is too high to cause blockage accidents.

6. Desilter Hydrocyclones products can be fed into slurry for operation when the clean water test proves that they are working well.