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High yield reduction of inclined well in Tazhong area of Tarim Oilfield

High yield reduction of inclined well in Tazhong area of Tarim Oilfield

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  China Petroleum network news, September 24th, with a high angle well, two layers of bead three-dimensional development of the middle 431-H4 wells Nissan oil 32 tons, Nissan 48 thousand and 163 cubic meters of natural gas, no water cut. At present, the Tarim Oilfield, the central slope of the cumulative deployment of 40 wells, drilling success rate is higher than 95%, the proportion of efficient wells over 90%, single wells to reduce costs over 10 million yuan.

  Different from the whole oil content of sandstone reservoir, the carbonate reservoir in Tazhong area is one of another "mutton string" shaped seam buried in the depth of 6000 meters. Because of the complex reservoir space and matrix permeability is low, resulting in single well production, stable production difficulty, good times don't last long "high drilling cost.

  In order to solve the "premature", carbonate rocks in Tarim Oilfield researchers through geological research, find out the carbonate rock pore and fracture development characteristics, and innovation of the development mode of horizontal wells in the same wellbore through multiple fracture cave unit, as much as possible to increase drainage area, in order to find a permanent solution to the stable the problem of high yield.

  However, the difficulty in drilling horizontal wells, as more than 6000 meters underground, and act as a go-between "horizontal well drilling string structure, high technological requirements, facing the window is too narrow, the safety of drilling well control safety risk high threat, often prone to leakage and other abnormal situations, emptying well.

  In order to change the current situation of the development of horizontal wells, large investment and high risk, realize low cost and high benefit development, according to the characteristics of Tarim Oilfield carbonate reservoir in the tower, according to the fault solution research to determine the well deployment principle of inclined well development model innovation application "a well target", from the previous pursuit of penetration a plurality of beads to drill off multiple broken solution to achieve high position, location precision guidance, the drilling difficulty declined sharply, guarantee the success rate of drilling.

  From the horizontal well to the inclined shaft, the carbonate rock is tailored, effectively shortening the drilling cycle, reducing the cost of oil testing, and the wellbore stability is good. At the same time, once the first target drilling difficult, can be implemented quickly and then backfill, into second or third goals, which improve the success rate of drilling provides more choices. According to statistics, the average drilling period of carbonate inclined wells in the tower is 95 days, while the previous horizontal drilling cycle averaged more than 140 days. At present, the proportion of inclined shaft in the Tazhong area has risen gradually, so far more than 90%, while the horizontal wells have shrunk substantially and only 1 are deployed.

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