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From the Brazilian oil! The first ultra deep sea project of CNPC formally entered the investment recovery stage

From the Brazilian oil! The first ultra deep sea project of CNPC formally entered the investment recovery stage

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    In March 15th, the ups and downs of the the Atlantic sea, from Brazil Bella project successfully completed sea oil extraction operations Windsor Knutsen dynamic positioning of shuttle tanker sailing on it. This is Chinese oil and CNOOC oil for the first time in Chinese deep mention of the project, the crude oil will be via Uruguay to Chinese, which marks the first ultra deepwater oil China project - Brazil Bella project officially entered the investment recovery stage.



The picture is the site of the unloading operation. China Oil International Latin American (Brazil) Company Brazil Bella project


    Brazil Bella ship sea oil project provided complete and smooth operation is Chinese shipping oil, oil after 2017 successfully won the bid for the third round of the Brazil salt block bidding, a solid step in Brazil's oil and gas cooperation process and forward, to fill the Chinese oil development and production and sales in the field of blank oil deep-sea oil and gas thus, the project entered a new stage of development of rolling.


    The joint maritime oil extraction operations totaled 44 thousand tons, China petroleum and CNOOC Chinese each accounted for half of the share, this is the second in November 2017 in the Bella project to achieve a major breakthrough in oil production after the first, but also international oil companies and PetroChina International Co to implement the Latin American overseas business development high quality Chinese Petroleum Group ", to create the new achievements of international oil gas cooperation interest community work arrangements. Because it is the first deep-sea oil oil oil unloading work, facing a series of management and technical problems, international oil in Latin America (Brazil) Company (Brazil company) and active partner of Total, the establishment of a joint Chinese CNOOC oil unloading work group, early start joint research work.
The picture is the rig of the Li Bella project
    According to the Brazil government and the project product sharing contract, we must use the dynamic positioning shuttle oil tanker in the deep sea oil extraction and unloading. The partners of Bella project are responsible for their respective share of oil extraction, oil unloading and sales. The Brazil company and the international business Americas group set up the oil extraction and sales group, giving full play to the overall advantages of the group, and earnestly carrying out the preparatory work in the early stage, successfully solving the DPST logistics and other difficult problems. At the same time with the share of oil volume and distance before 2020, to reduce the cost of transportation by ship assembly etc., to promote the Bella home share of oil refinery processing, through the realization of the optimal sales plan sales network at home and abroad, to provide a solid guarantee for the realization of the overall benefits of China overseas projects.
    Brazil Bella project contract signed in December 2013, Brazil is the first production sharing contract project, China petroleum and CNOOC China each accounted for 10% equity. The Ribera project in a short period of 4 years to achieve the first exploration and development wells to ship crude oil transportation, oil Chinese shows good international cooperation and operation level, to further enhance the deep cooperation demonstration zone construction group company confidence, laid a solid foundation for promoting the development of China oil international oil and gas cooperation to a wider field deeper and higher level.
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    In October 21, 2013, a consortium of China oil, CNOOC oil and China two China Brazil national oil company, Holland Shell and Total France as the only bidder, bid Brazil Bella oil block. The combination of the equity allocation mode, Brazil's national oil company 40%, Shell 20%, Total 20%, China petroleum and CNOOC China each accounted for 10%.
    In December 2, 2013, the president of Brazil, Rousseff, presided over the signing ceremony of the contract for the exploitation of Ribera's deep-sea oil fields.