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Foreign customers order a batch of mixers to ship

Foreign customers order a batch of mixers to ship

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Mud agitator is one of the main equipments in the oil drilling fluid solid control system. It is mainly used for the mixing and mixing of drilling fluid. Under the stirring of the agitator, the strong up and down convection can maintain the uniformity of the drilling fluid and solid phase. Particle suspension, in order to prevent the deposition of solid particles of drilling fluid in its tank circulation system, plays an important role in accelerating the reaction, dissolution and wetting of drilling fluid materials (bentonite, barite) and chemical additives.


Technical Parameters

Model JBQ-5.5 JBQ-7.5 JBQ-11 JBQ-15 JBQ-18.5 JBQ-22
Motor power (KW) 5.5 7.5 11 15 18.5 22
Rated speed (r/min) 1440 1440 1460 1460 1470 1470
Power supply (r/min) 380V/50Hz/60Hz 380V/50Hz/60Hz 380V/50Hz/60Hz 380V/50Hz/60Hz 380V/50Hz/60Hz 380V/50Hz/60Hz
Pulsator speed (r/min) 60-72 60-72 60-73 60-73 60-73 60-73
Pulsator diameter (mm) φ600 φ650/φ750 φ700/φ800 φ1000 φ900/φ1000 φ900/φ1000
Weight (kg) 295 400 462 560 785 815
Dimensions (mmXmmXmm) 954×549×583 1101×664×623 1222×664×665 1334×734×685 1445×888×770 1465×888×770


Remarks: Users can choose single or double impeller stirring according to the site conditions, and increase the stirring shaft centralizer according to the depth of the tank. Our company is a professional oil drilling fluid slurry mixer manufacturer, providing you with high quality drilling fluid slurry mixer, factory direct sales have the advantage of price, and provide you with satisfactory after-sales technical service.