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Five sets of air flotation machines are completed

Five sets of air flotation machines are completed

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Five sets of air flotation machines were signed from the end of May, and assembly and commissioning began. They entered the final stage and were ready to ship at the end of June.

Air floaters are mainly used for solid-liquid or liquid-liquid separation. The dissolved gas and the release system generate a large amount of fine bubbles in the water, so that it adheres to the solid or liquid particles whose density is close to that of the water, so that the overall density is lower than that of the water, and the buoyancy is caused to rise to the water surface, thereby Achieve solid-liquid or liquid-liquid separation purposes. In the field of water treatment, air flotation machines are used in the following areas:
1. Separation of fine suspended solids in surface water, micro-aggregates such as algae.
2. Recycling useful materials in industrial wastewater, such as pulp in papermaking wastewater.


3. Separate and concentrate the sludge in the water instead of the secondary settling tank.
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