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February 10, 2018, three minutes of global energy information

February 10, 2018, three minutes of global energy information

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【International oil prices fell in 8 days in New York to close at $61.15 per barrel, and international oil prices fell 8 days.】 Analysts say the news of the increase in U.S. commercial crude oil stocks continues to push international oil prices down. As of the day's close, the New York mercantile exchange for March delivery of light crude oil futures prices fell $0.64, a barrel of $61.15, a drop of 1.04%. The price of London Brent crude oil futures for delivery in April fell by $0.70 to $64.81 a barrel, down 1.07%.


Today's headline
【China's oil futures will be on the market. Is the RMB an opportunity or a challenge?】 Today, the CSRC announced that China's crude oil futures will be listed on the Shanghai futures exchange subsidiary, Shanghai international energy trading center in March 26, 2018. It is noteworthy that China's crude oil futures listed on RMB will enhance China's strategic petroleum reserve, compete for the pricing power of Asian and even global crude oil, and strengthen the international status of RMB. Can the RMB be freely convertible?
【Clean coal technology has made a major breakthrough】 in February 5th, Beijing Shenwu Power Technology Co. Ltd. announced that the Cci Capital Ltd and Akashi Shenwu self-developed coalfast pyrolysis coupled thermal power denitration integrated energy saving new technology signed a strategic investment agreement, common development and popularization of the new technology. Du Xiangwan and Cai Meifeng, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, agree that the technical achievements are innovative and have reached the international leading level. The process can produce artificial gas, a lot of artificial petroleum and synthetic gas, and can improve the efficiency of 3%~5% boiler, can effectively solve the problem of pulverized coal pyrolysis technology, to promote China's low order coal classification quality and technology development, has important significance to protect the oil and gas supply safety.
【Chinese fifth Antarctic Research Station Ross Sea station foundation】 the Xinhua news agency, February 7th afternoon local time, Chinese thirty-fourth Antarctic expedition in the Antarctic Island fort are held China fifth Antarctic Research Station of Ross Sea new station location ceremony. Ross Sea area along the coast of Ross Sea new railway station is located in one of the Antarctic three Bay line, facing the Pacific Ocean sector, Antarctic lithosphere, biosphere, atmosphere, cryosphere and other typical natural geographical unit interaction area, has important scientific value. The station is expected to be completed in 4 years.
【Iran wants to return to the international natural gas market】In early 2018, the construction of Iran's natural gas industry to pay close attention to the 11 district development project is to promote high standards and high quality. The project is a cooperation agreement in Iran for the first time with foreign companies in the oil and gas sector signed, is China oil and partner of Total in Iran new oil under the terms of the contract of the first investment project. The natural gas reserves of the project are about 640 billion cubic meters, the recoverable reserves are about 450 billion cubic meters, the condensate oil reserves are about 818 million barrels, and the recoverable reserves are 378 million barrels. The project contract period is 20 years and the total investment amount is 4 billion 800 million US dollars. The project is expected to be put into production gradually in the middle of 2021. The peak output is 56 million 600 thousand cubic meters per day. At that time, the rolling air will supply the Asia Pacific and Europe, making the market full of expectations.
【U. S. total energy output will increase by 31% by 2050】Recently, the latest energy outlook report of the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) shows that the total energy output of the United States will increase by 31% from 2017 to 2050, due to the continuous increase of crude oil, natural gas, hydropower and renewable energy output. The US oil production this year is expected to exceed the record of 9 million 600 thousand barrels of Nissan, which was set in 1970. U. S. crude oil production will continue to increase by 2050 as producer beauty uses the rise in oil prices and the opportunity to increase production costs.
【Fear of shale growth, decline in crude oil prices】In February 8th, according to Peng Bo, crude oil prices continued to decline as the growth of shale production in the United States became a downside risk. The US oil production soared to a record 102 million 500 thousand barrels a week. According to US government data, US production will climb further this year and break through 11 million barrels in November, reaching this level a year earlier than expected. Although the weakness of the dollar has stimulated the early rebound in New York futures by up to 0.5%, it has increased the support for commodity prices. However, as the dollar fell down, US oil production was at a record high and prices fell.