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Features of Horizontal Mud Agitators

Features of Horizontal Mud Agitators

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Horizontal Mud Agitators belong to the equipment of the drilling fluid tank-type solids control system. There are mainly two types of structures: horizontal and vertical.


Mud agitator is a continuous and reliable drilling mud solids control system to maintain the uniformity of the drilling fluid and suspend the solid particles.


Features of Horizontal Mud Agitators:


The horizontal agitator adopts the combination method of worm gear reducer and explosion-proof motor, so the convex-concave meshing function is reliable, the benefit is high, and the structure is compact. It has the advantages of large transmission torque, stable operation and reliable operation.


The vertical agitator adopts a cycloidal pinwheel reducer, which is combined with an explosion-proof motor with a reducer, which is convenient for maintenance and suitable for use under harsh conditions in the field. It has the characteristics of stable transmission, reliable performance, low noise, small occupied area and long service life.


Horizontal Mud Agitators have strong mixing strength, reach a wide range, and reduce starting resistance torque; the motor is placed horizontally, which is convenient for installation, adjustment and replacement.


Horizontal Mud Agitators are mainly used for agitating and mixing drilling fluid to prevent the solid particles of drilling fluid from depositing in its tank circulation system, so that the performance of circulating drilling fluid is stable and the mixing is even.