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Eight advantages of drilling mud agitator

Eight advantages of drilling mud agitator

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The drilling mud agitator has the advantages of compact structure, small footprint, large transmission torque, stable operation and reliable work.

drilling mud agitator

1. The drilling mud agitator adopts a circular cylindrical worm reducer, the shaft section is a circular cylindrical worm, and the tooth profile of the worm gear is a circle conjugated to the worm. Therefore, the convex-concave meshing performance is reliable, the benefit is high, and the structure is compact;

2. Combination of reducer and explosion-proof motor for drilling mud agitator, easy to maintain, suitable for use under harsh working conditions in the field;

3. Drilling mud agitator has high strength, wide range, and reduces the starting resistance torque;

4. The drilling mud agitator motor is placed horizontally, which is easy to install, adjust and replace;

5. Various gearbox and blade combinations of drilling mud agitator can meet most requirements;

6. Drilling mud agitator has high efficiency in deep and large containers;

7. Drilling mud agitator can be designed to produce suitable shear force according to needs;

8. Expose more fluid to contact with the atmosphere, drilling mud agitator helps cool the drilling fluid.