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During the operation of the Hydrocyclone Desander, the sewage should be discharged regularly

During the operation of the Hydrocyclone Desander, the sewage should be discharged regularly

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Hydrocyclone Desander should generally be installed in front of the inlet pressure regulating device of the heating system or in front of the inlet of each equipment. The straight-through Hydrocyclone Desander is installed on the horizontal pipeline, and the angle-through type decontamination device can be installed on the pipeline with a right-angle turn. The installation is that the direction of the arrow on the shell must be consistent with the direction of the water flow. Sewage should be regularly discharged during operation.

Hydrocyclone Desander
A recoil manifold is installed at the outlet of the slurry pump to communicate with the slurry storage tank. The Hydrocyclone Desander can disturb the ballast deposited in the slurry tank through the recoil branch, so that the slurry tank will not accumulate and flood the slurry due to long-term use. In order to reduce the wear of the recoil manifold, open the recoil manifold ball valve after turning on the slurry pump and before closing the slurry pump, and let it work for 10 minutes before closing the ball valve.
Hydrocyclone Desander is made according to the principle of rotary flow screening of solid particles in the fluid in the sand removal filter. When the water flows into the filter from the inlet under a certain pressure, a strong rotational motion occurs. Due to the different density of sand and water, under the combined action of centrifugal force, centripetal force and fluid drag, the water with low density rises and is discharged from the water outlet. , the dense particles are discharged from the sewage outlet at the bottom of the filter, and the individual tiny particles floating together along the water flow are filtered through the secondary filter device to achieve the purpose of sand removal.
1. The Hydrocyclone Desander should be installed on the main pipe of the water supply network and fixed on the base, and a bypass should be added between the inlet and outlet pipes.
2. In order to ensure the smooth flow of the incoming water, a straight pipe with the same diameter as the water inlet should be installed before the water inlet of the equipment, and the length is equivalent to 10-15 times the diameter of the water inlet.
3. Sufficient maintenance space should be reserved around the equipment during installation.
4. During normal operation, it is necessary to open the inlet and outlet valves, and close the drain valve and the bypass valve.
5. According to the sand content of the source water, regularly discharge sand and decontamination. When discharging, open the sewage valve until clean water flows out. The sewage discharge process does not affect the normal water consumption of the system.
6. After the blowdown is over, close the blowdown valve.
7. If the sand discharge pressure of Hydrocyclone Desander is insufficient, close the valve at the water outlet.