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Drilling and completion technology in Jilin oilfield opens a new channel for tight gas

Drilling and completion technology in Jilin oilfield opens a new channel for tight gas

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  Chinese oil network news August 4th, the drilling technology has been applied in 5 wells in the British Taiwan tight gas Jilin oil field, the average drilling period is shortened by 50.62%, the cost is reduced by 43.59%, wellbore quality qualified rate, cementing quality qualified rate reached 100%.

  Over the years, the development of tight gas in Yingtai has some problems, such as poor formation drillability, high temperature in the well, carbon dioxide pollution, gas reservoir leakage, long open hole section, etc., and restricted the development of this area.

  The beginning of this year, Jilin oilfield to increase research efforts in the technical scheme of integrated application of mature scientific research, through the use of well structure optimization design, optimization, efficient PDC bearing completion technology and long sealing a series of back drilling technology, open new channels for tight gas development.

  The drilling fluid is easy to cause the bit balling, easy to block out collapse, rheological properties variation and other problems, measures of scientific research personnel, the polymer drilling fluid system in the upper section of the well drilling process, adding anti sloughing and inhibiting treatment agent resistance, improve the system of inhibition and anti collapse, formation control mud, ensure wellbore stability. In the lower well section, it is gradually converted into poly sulfonate system, which can improve the temperature resistance of the system, and ensure the drilling fluid has a high temperature stability and carbon dioxide pollution resistance.

  The lower volcanic strata in Yingtai area are complex, with more gravel, poor drillability, common PDC bit, slow, long cycle and high cost. Through technical research, the researchers selected for this kind of high gravel stratum, the 8 wing PDC drill bit, the whole well using PDC bit with screw construction, cancel cone drill, realize the lower formation drilling speed breakthrough, drilling cycle is greatly reduced, two open wells successfully cleared.

  In the process of completion, due to the sealed length, high bottomhole temperature, Jilin oilfield well completion technology management scheme has a breakthrough, the introduction of rigid material, and compound plugging agent, drilling plugging agent, high temperature plugging agent according to the proportion of supporting the use of reasonable bearing value calculation, determine the pressure well section of the stratum pressure test in the casing before, in order to improve the bearing capacity of the formation, in the process of cementing for injection to ensure no leakage, the long sealing cement slurry once again, the effect is significant, improve the cementing quality.

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