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Don't panic when the vibrating screen has these failures,and best Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker

Don't panic when the vibrating screen has these failures,and best Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker

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Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker is an important equipment for mine production, mainly responsible for screening, screening of impurities, etc., to promote the improvement of production efficiency and quality, and to improve the continuous operation of the mine. However, during the actual operation of the vibrating screen, some failures will occur, which affect the quality of the screening and restrict the benefits of the mine. This article shares several types of failures and solutions that are prone to occur in the use of vibrating screens.

Vibrating screen exciter bearing failure


Cause of issue


The vibration exciter bearing is a key part of the vibration excitation system and has a direct impact on the operating efficiency and operating quality of the Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker.

If the vibration exciter fails, it will inevitably lead to the unreasonable operating efficiency of the vibrating screen. Under normal circumstances, during the working process of the vibrating screen, overheating of the exciter will affect the efficiency of the Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker. The main conditions that cause overheating of the exciter are:

(1) The matching degree of the vibration exciter bearing model and the vibration exciter is low. The movement of the exciter needs the support of the bearing. In the actual matching, if the design standards and matching standards are not strictly followed, the selection of the bearing model may result in a lower matching degree between the exciter and the bearing. Happening. This will also cause the bearing in the actual application process, make the bearing load larger, cause the bearing to overheat, and restrict the stable operation of the bearing.

(2) The bearing thermal expansion space is insufficient. The bearing will inevitably expand during actual use. However, if the expansion space is not enough, the bearing may be damaged, which affects the functionality of the bearing and restricts the effective application of the vibrating screen.

(3) Poor bearing lubrication or the ingress of external dust. In the actual use of the bearing, it is necessary to apply lubricating oil reasonably to promote the friction of the bearing to be effectively suppressed, reduce the phenomenon of heat generation, and improve the quality of service of the bearing. In addition, when external dust enters the bearing, it will also cause the bearing to generate heat, which restricts the functionality of the bearing.


Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker Troubleshooting


In view of the actual situation of the vibration exciter bearing failure, it is necessary to reasonably expand the vibration exciter shaft failure treatment, so that the bearing can meet the actual needs of the selection plant. ① It is necessary to improve the matching of the bearing, combine the specific conditions of the linear Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker, select the accurate type of bearing, and ensure that the bearing clearance is sufficient as much as possible to reduce the heat generated during the bearing use and improve the functionality of the bearing. ②Scientifically expand the control of the expansion space of the vibration exciter bearing to promote sufficient space inside the bearing. ③Reasonably spread the lubricating oil of the bearing, control the sealing of the bearing, adopt suitable lubricating oil type, reduce the friction of the bearing, avoid the entry of external materials or dust, ensure the functionality of the bearing, and improve the screen of the vibrating screen Sub-quality.