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Denmark's oil business gives way to wind power"

Denmark's oil business gives way to wind power"

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  Bloomberg News reported on August, Maersk Group reached an agreement with the French energy giant Total, Maersk will sell its oil and gas industry to Total. With regulatory approval, the $7 billion 450 million deal will be completed next year. Prior to this, the Danish Wind giant Dong Energy has also its oil and gas business price of $1 billion 300 million to sell to German buyers. The completion of these two transactions will mark the Danish business sector completely stripped of all oil business, but also Denmark's further development of renewable energy important milestone.

  Denmark has worked out the goal of completely disabling fossil fuels by 2050, but it still needs Beihai oil field revenues to support the country's strategic transformation toward clean energy. According to the arrangement of Maersk Group and Total deal, after the transfer of the Maersk oil will remain with the Danish technical cooperation partners, Denmark oil and gas services will continue to gain business in Beihai oilfield.

  Wind power plays a major role in Denmark's clean energy strategy. Recently, Denmark's Energy Agency reported that Denmark has 1 million 300 thousand kilowatts of offshore wind power installed on the grid. At present, wind power accounts for about 42% of Denmark's overall power supply, and Denmark maintains the world record with the highest wind power. By 2020, the proportion of wind power will rise further to 50%. In February 22nd this year, Denmark achieved a 100% wind power supply, a world record.

  Denmark's offshore wind power development has long been a world leader. The experience of wind power development of the Danish energy agency comb includes: comprehensive screening, scientific planning to determine the offshore wind power project area; wind farm site should take full account of the wind conditions, water depth, seabed conditions, grid scheme, marine and other factors, give full consideration to the sea route, environmental sensitive area, fishing area, mining and other stakeholders concerns; the establishment of environmental impact assessment framework, the government led invitation to all stakeholders involved in full discussion etc..

  In addition, the Danish government is exempt from environmental taxes on renewable energy industries, has a special subsidy for wind power plants, and sets up an environmental fund to encourage green investment. It is worth noting that, in the context of the overall development of the renewable energy industry, the Danes are even confident of ending subsidies for the industry. The Danish energy minister Lars Riljot said that this year, the renewable energy industry is to achieve self development at an alarming rate, the technology will help renewable energy become more and more competitive, "a few years" renewable energy industry may no longer need government support. The Danish industry is also optimistic about the development of renewable energy. Christensen, chief executive of Danfoss group, expects the cost of renewable power generation to be lower than traditional electricity prices between 2020 and 2030.

  Overall, the Nordic countries in the field of energy-saving emission reduction in the forefront of the world. In 2015, Swedish renewable energy power generation accounted for the overall proportion reached 57%, by 2040 renewable energy accounted for 100%; 100% Iceland national energy from geothermal and hydropower; Norway's sovereign wealth fund is investing in offshore wind power technology. In the process of green energy development, traditional fossil fuels also play an active role. According to Bloomberg data, revenues from the Beihai Norway oil field support 10 thousand kilowatts of new offshore wind power generation capacity.

  Global energy generation will reach 17575 megawatts this year, European wind power will reach 14740 megawatts, compared with 2805 megawatts in Asia, according to Bloomberg's new energy finance data.

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