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Daqing petroleum drilling people efforts for 3 years to drill on "eye"

Daqing petroleum drilling people efforts for 3 years to drill on "eye"

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  The oil workers rely on wells bit tunneling and lead, but before is "dark" on the bit will inevitably detours, this is caused by the "vision" is too poor.

  In the past few years, Chinese oil drilling people were very depressed because of the less eyesight of the drill. What makes them more difficult is that foreign big oil companies have "blinded" our "eyes" and completely monopolized the advanced drilling oriented technology.

  For this technology, the principle of "old foreigner" is only to rent and not to sell, but under the helplessness, some Chinese oil enterprises can only take the technology of renting the rents. According to statistics, there are hundreds of oil wells in China every year need to rent the "eyes" of "foreigners", and see a lot of foreign exchange of foreign exchange.

  Some oil companies, because can not afford the expensive rent, can only make do with their own "eyes", a pair of old wells can also go straight to "walk", but when a large displacement well, branch well, sidetracking and fishbone wells, when the thin poor oil layers, that is 0.5 meters to 1 meters and the hairy layer. When the bit "walk" to equivocate, the worst "vision" is simply not clear direction. Therefore, the drill drill reservoir is common deviation.

  Daqing oilfield only has 70 horizontal wells (inclined wells) in thin and poor oil reservoirs every year. Because of the "sight" reason, it cannot effectively avoid the interface between oil and gas, oil and water, and can not detect and avoid faults in time, resulting in low drilling rate. The data show that the "drilling rate" of the grape flower bed in Daqing oilfield is only 50%~60%, and the cost is very expensive.

  In order to reduce the loss, Daqing oil drilling technicians are determined to create a "eye" for the drill. Although these are only a couple of small eyes, the technical problems they face are quite large, involving many professional fields, such as drilling technology, mechanical design, electronic circuits, automatic control, software programs, information communication, etc.

  In order to create "eye", in the more than 900 days and nights of torment, some technicians lost their hair, some technicians became thin, and some technicians were yellow. But, with their wisdom and blood, they have worked out a pair of "eyes" - a multi - Sample geological guide. Then, one by one the demonstration and experiment, excellent selection, so that the "eyes" stand out.

  But it's just the beginning, and then it's going to go out of the lab and see what the actual situation is. As a result, the first instrument is unsuccessful; the second near bit is not stable, and no data is uploaded... So, in a time of failure, from the test site finally came the good news: the near bit measurement while drilling system is in normal operation, the three parameters of the measured point near the bit bottom are less than 1 meters, the sandstone "drilling rate high......

  In this way, after 3 years of hard work, Chinese oil drilling people have their own "eye" - DQNBMS - I type near bit drilling measurement system. It is very powerful, can not accurately penetrate the thin reservoir one meter thick underground leading bit dark, "oil run" where to hide, the drill bit will accurately where even 0.5 meters can easily penetrate the thin oil layer, even a small lump of oil, don't litter "want to hide away. In particular wells such as horizontal well, fish bone well, these "eye" can bring a light to the drilling people.

  The "eye" was held in Daqing Changyuan Gaotaizi blocks for field test in 6 wells, the cumulative footage of 385 meters. Among them, 8-33 flat 6 wells 42 hours of continuous work, footage of 166 meters, the three parameter measuring point bottom distance was less than 1 meters, and the deviation measurement accuracy of + 0.3 degrees; instrument control, drilling data upload software and hardware platform and pulse data detection and recognition, decoding and reduction and other aspects of the pressure, are doing well. Experiments show that the underground temperature testing instruments, LWD instruments, and near bit resistivity and gamma testing instruments with independent intellectual property rights have reached the leading and international advanced level in China.

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