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Daqing oilfield natural gas production "double arrow volley

Daqing oilfield natural gas production "double arrow volley

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  Chinese oil network news this year, natural gas system in Daqing oilfield, adhere to the "increasing production and reservoir, improving quality and efficiency" as the core, to speed up the implementation of high yield sparse wells strategy, improve the single well production, reduce investment, as of August 6th, the deep gas production exceeded 1 billion 41 million cubic meters. In the first half of this year alone, Daqing oilfield produced 1 billion 990 million cubic meters of natural gas and sold 1 billion 267 million cubic meters of natural gas, an increase of 6.1% and 8.6% respectively over the same period of last year.

  Since the beginning of this year, Daqing oilfield natural gas system to control type I and II wells stable, fine tube III and IV wells increase efficiency "as the guiding idea, the implementation of the classified management quarterly, gas utilization rate, the rate of open wells were maintained at 95%.

  Production, sales, "arrow" upward. Daqing oilfield to strengthen top-level design, increase the daily fine management efforts, to achieve synchronous production and marketing coordinated operation. In the gas production, they increase the performance assessment efforts, reduce the occupied volume, improve the gas gas gathering rate and yield the maximum, the first half of the dissolved gas processing capacity increased by 6 million 480 thousand cubic meters. In the gas production, strict implementation of production plan, production capacity and new organization to gas well stimulation measures, to promote the video will be organized weekly field, organize monthly coordination meetings, to speed up the production schedule, to maximize the gas production capacity, commodity quantity of natural gas daily sales exceeded 8 million cubic meters.

  Reduce costs and increase efficiency. The establishment of integrated organization model of natural gas drilling system in Daqing oil field, preferably carry out skid CNG production wells scattered recovery work, exploring the mode of general contracting reserves difficult mining development, the results significantly reduced. Among them, the establishment of integrated drilling and production organization model, 4 years of operation, the construction cycle decreased by an average of 30%, project investment fell by an average of 25%.

  Capacity building, stride forward. This year, the Daqing oilfield natural gas system to accelerate drilling and completion of the organization, in the program design, site construction, fracturing gas testing, workover operations and so on a lot of work, the implementation of the effect of horizontal wells continued to improve. We will actively organize the development, evaluation and development of wells in each block in 2018, and plan to complete the project by the end of this year.

  Fine management, efficient operation. Since the beginning of 2017, Daqing Oilfield "advance preparation of natural gas production plan", reasonable arrangements for the traveling maintenance, pipeline inspection, production and maintenance, transformation of the old liberated areas work. Daqing Oilfield on the dissolved gas set indicators of production and operation, serious scientific assessment indicators, strengthen the safety awareness of environmental protection, increase the risk of well governance supervision, strengthen the annulus pressure wells continuous dynamic management, strengthen the safety inspection before the station layout and construction coordination, to carry out well control check, review and timely rectification work, ensure safe development field of environmental protection.

  Promote accurate development, accelerate the pace of production of natural gas. The second half of this year, Daqing oilfield natural gas production to further accelerate the pace of construction, grasp the deliverability, intensify efforts to explore the potential, strengthen the marketing operation organization, focus on the coordinated development of transportation, improve the gas production and sales volume and contribution rate, lay the foundation for the coming winter and spring production, to ensure the completion of the annual task index. At the same time, Daqing oilfield to further strengthen the safety awareness of employees, enhance staff ability and practical skills of emergency refuge, "looking for a point, through a line, covering a surface" combination, and carry out the emergency management work, to ensure that the gas field development to achieve safe production and cleaner production.

  In the future, the natural gas system in Daqing oilfield production capacity will further accelerate the construction progress, increase measures to dig the potential, strengthen the management of gas field development, production and marketing organization and carry out optimization operation, reducing efficiency, strengthen safety and environmental protection, and promote the integration of natural gas production command platform construction for Daqing oilfield sustainable development "".

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