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Daqing oilfield flooding down the overfulfilling Qi force

Daqing oilfield flooding down the overfulfilling Qi force

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  Chinese oil network news July 27th, reporters from the Daqing oilfield flooding project manager department was informed that the first half of the year, three yuan compound drive completed a total output of 2 million and 700 tons, 68 thousand and 200 tons of production; carry out self flooding test, the cumulative oil production of 23 million 480 thousand tons, the technology increased 13 million 100 thousand tons of oil, oil has become the core support of the revitalization and development of the leading technology of Daqing.

  Since the scale expansion of three yuan composite flooding in 2014, the number of injection wells in Daqing oilfield has reached 8632, and the accumulated geological reserves have reached 2.34 tons. Through fine development, adjustment and strengthening of technical support, crude oil production jumped to 4 million tons for the first time in 2016.

  Scientific management is the basis for ensuring production. Daqing oilfield flooding system to strengthen the management of chemicals, slug stage management, management of key nodes, strict implementation of ASP injection system into the system of quality management regulations, qualified rate of 95.6%, viscosity loss control in less than 22%.

  Daqing oilfield composite flooding system adhere to the macro control, ten degree tracking, timely adjustment, clear the different development stages of each block problem, the first half of the organization to adjust all types of 2683 wells. 5 in the Eastern Industrial Zone, two zone in the North Block in January, according to the planning time of polymer injection; Eastern Southern District two area is accelerating the casing damage treatment, is expected in October 4 western station can transfer into the chemical flooding; Xing seven area in the East, South six block III district has two kinds of injection at the end of June the pre polymer slug; two north eastern region east block for flooding plan, is expected in October into the pre polymer slug. In addition, the work of the 6 pilot areas is proceeding in an orderly manner.

  The scaling of machine production well is the core problem of composite flooding system at one time. Daqing flooding system supporting the scaling prediction, chemical scale, physical resistance scale and cleaning solution card 4 anti scaling technology, the first half of alkali machine production well pump inspection period up to 403 days, weak pumping pump detection period up to 498 days, pumping operation rate of 95.8%.

  In the process of compiling the program of surface engineering in Daqing oilfield, the integration of ground and underground, the ground overall layout optimization, system optimization, the remaining capacity of the technology is simplified three optimization measures, to achieve a simple plan to maximize the benefits in the production of single well in the construction of investment from 2 million 225 thousand yuan to 1 million 516 thousand yuan at the beginning of the program.

  Production momentum has risen and efficiency indicators have to be "hard". In accordance with the relevant requirements of Daqing oilfield, "13th Five-Year" after two years, flooding barrels of oil to control the total cost under $40. Therefore, on the basis of ensuring the smooth operation of production, the composite flooding system pays great attention to improving quality and efficiency.

  Surfactant is one of the core elements of composite flooding. Since the beginning of petroleum sulfonate, alkyl benzene sulfonate reached the maximum production and supply capacity, the second half will continue to strictly enforce the standards for quality control of raw materials, optimization of surfactant formulations, sulfonation process enhance the adaptability, upgrading production line, expand production capacity, to ensure that the alkyl benzene sulfonate surface active agent qualification rate and timely rate of supply site.

  To achieve accurate development, process management is a guarantee. The second half of the year, Daqing oilfield will focus on the new block operation, capacity building and strengthening the block injection block tracking adjustment, the implementation of comprehensive adjustment of various 2683 wells plan, ensure each block good development trend, and strive to complete the production task over the whole year.

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