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Daqing oilfield; productivity increase; crude oil income increase

Daqing oilfield; productivity increase; crude oil income increase

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  China oil network news first 7 months of this year, Daqing oilfield production operation of all aspects of advanced organization, full speed, there are 1980 new wells into production, beyond the plan of 146, more than the same period last year completed 856 wells have been completed; production capacity of 1 million 43 thousand and 600 tons, the estimated annual output of 650 thousand tons.

  This year is the first year of Daqing oil field implementation of the three year rolling plan. Oilfield proposed to effectively increase capacity, construction contribution capacity, with a view to increasing the new year by 850 thousand tons of output contribution, to ensure that production targets. The oil field decomposes the production target into each plant and block, and implements the completion time, safeguard measures, responsibility departments and units one by one. Units at the grassroots level, the operation of the work arrangements, "teeth print", the work will be implemented to the station, between, single wells, time refined to the ten day, week, day.

  This year, Daqing oilfield, as high as 60% of the wells belong to low-lying wells, Daqing drilling actively organize low-lying wells battle, to accelerate the operation of low-lying wells. They use the table set of professional construction team ahead of the top 276 wells, the average single well save 2 days; 891 wells on the promotion and application of early strength agent, the average single well curing time, saving 16 hours; 326 wells to implement non original sound measuring rig, the average single well save 1 days.

  The ground design speeds up the pace of work and shortens the connection time of each link. Take out station systems engineering preliminary design and construction drawing design of synchronous development, there are 1473, 586 thousand and 700 tons of production capacity than the normal design cycle in advance nearly a month and a half, for the subsequent rebellion, infrastructure construction materials for the time, is the most active year.

  Balanced production of perforating fracturing. Since April, Nii has completed 1534 of 326 perforating and fracturing work, during the construction of the north area, only 192 perforation task for 19 days, creating a new security production capacity perforation rate, contribution rate of 63.8%.

  Capital construction system strengthens prophase management and strengthens scientific organization and process coordination. Infrastructure started at the end of April surface reached 36%, the end of May reached 55%, the end of June reached 60%, hit a record to the earliest record. Key stations have started in April, 1 months ahead of schedule, construction cycle shortened 20 year on year, Yu Tian. The key blocks into the station 7 months early has been put into production, three yuan of South 6-8 oil water drain station in early August put into production, the station operation time than 49 days ahead of schedule, creating conditions for Nii ahead of production, oil wells put into operation simultaneously.

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