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Daqing oil production plant two press "innovation key"

Daqing oil production plant two press "innovation key"

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  CNPC news January 15th, in South 6- Ding 3-338 well operation construction site, Daqing oil field two plant operation team operation 7 team is using workover top drive equipment to do operations. Since the introduction of the brigade workover top drive equipment, the group with the corresponding tool string, the overhaul team construction capacity is replaced by a small team, for the factory to save outsourcing costs 66 million 400 thousand yuan.

  The introduction of top drive equipment is only a miniature of the construction mode of this team's innovation operation. In recent years, the brigade around the management to enhance the safety and environmental protection construction, to create a "profitable production brigade" as the goal, through the application of workover technology, carry out the top drive service, the implementation of high yield wells card "Easy Access", to create a high risk rescue team, enhanced to ensure production and increase oil capacity. Up to now, 2329 of all kinds of oil and water wells have been constructed throughout the year, up 72 more than the same period of the previous year.

  In the oil and water wells managed by the two oil production plant in Daqing oilfield, some wells are located in front of residential buildings, main roads, lakes, and arable lands. After the failure, due to the limited site of the well site, the original overhaul equipment does not have construction conditions, and it can only maintain production or shut down. In order to solve this problem, the work brigade of the factory introduced the workover top drive equipment to carry out the operation. Workover rig top drive supporting repair can realize the rotation function, because it has the characteristics of small volume, convenient operation and installation, at the wellsite limited well construction, can avoid building demolition, road maintenance and site transformation, effectively reduce the time to overhaul well lay wells. The brigade by selecting 3 team minor needle treat overhaul well to carry out special construction, implementation of 1 sets of top drive equipment security detachment 3 more than and 5 line synchronous operation, the equipment utilization rate of 77%. Since 2017, 166 wells have been built up by top drive equipment. The main focus is to control 45 wells for long overhaul due to the limitation of well site, the success rate of well repair is 89.7%, and the yield loss is 88 thousand tons.

  The well casing deformation of multiple machine, lifting load limitation, overhaul construction team shortage, workover since 2013, the brigade supporting 74 tons and 150 tons of hydraulic machine solutions for each one, they use the two pieces of equipment for free fishing class to overhaul well for centralized treatment through ascension and repeated load activities, carried out a total yu43-9 731 wells, 423 wells successfully solve the card, effectively reduce the number of wells overhaul construction, the cumulative recovery of Nissan 543.62 tons of oil.

  At the same time, in order to minimize the loss of yield, the brigade opened high-yield wells "Easy Access", according to the different types of wells "individualized" according to "well distribution principle of high yield, the first postpartum three yuan after water flooding, before the regular maintenance backlog, the first productivity", giving priority to the construction of high-yield wells. To do homework time but the night. In 2017, by opening up the "green channel", the average well lay well and the time of occupying the well were reduced by 28.8 hours, and the total loss of production was reduced by 2703 tons.

  In recent years, with the increasing number of difficult wells and special wells, this team has made great efforts to build high risk rescue teams to adapt to the new normal operation. For sulfur bearing wells, they selected class a team to carry out special construction. By strengthening staff safety operation training, strengthening technology and equipment matching, enhancing coordination and support capabilities, the safe and efficient construction of sulfur well was achieved. In 2017, a total of 32 sulphur wells were constructed, and 118 tons of daily oil were recovered. The wax wells, they preferred 3 65 ton workover rig repair construction team to carry out special construction, to take the sectional wash wells, tubing wax scraping, tubing cutting and other measures to ensure construction safety serious wax wells. In 2017, 42 paraffin wells were constructed, and 88.2 tons of daily oil were recovered.

  In 2017, the team also carried out two upgrades for environmental control and control, and realized the direct recovery of oil and water in the field. First, upgrading and upgrading, invested more than 80 yuan to complete the transformation of 24 environmental protection ponds, and realized the transformation of waste oil recycling from tanker transportation to direct return process, reducing 22 thousand cubic meters of waste liquid transportation in the whole year. The two is R & D upgrading. The boiler room, tool room and environmental protection pool are set up as Trinity, multi-functional environmental protection devices, which partially replace the functions of boiler trucks, cement trucks and tank trucks. The annual labor cost is reduced by 150 thousand yuan.

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