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Daqing gas production branch company produces over 1 billion 100 million gas annually

Daqing gas production branch company produces over 1 billion 100 million gas annually

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  China Petroleum network news, as of September 6th, the Daqing oilfield gas production company this year, a total production of 1 billion 138 million cubic meters of natural gas, foreign exchange amounted to 1 billion 34 million cubic meters, two indicators are set a record.

  More than 95% of the natural gas produced by the gas recovery company of Daqing oilfield is directly transported to the surrounding urban areas. Since August, the northern region has entered the rainy season and flood season, and the gas production, gas transmission and gas supply equipment have entered the state of high load operation. The demand for natural gas in cities such as Harbin, Qigihar and Daqing is constantly increasing, which brings great challenges to the production organization and safe operation, and the gas production situation is grim. Longjiang to protect the livelihood of gas "do not panic, this branch of accelerating technology research and achievements, to control the rate of gas production, improve the recovery of gas reservoir, and efficient development of deep natural gas in shallow natural gas production steadily.

  In order to ensure the safety of gas production and transportation, gas company of Daqing oilfield to refine the cadres at all levels of responsibility, the rainy season production safety as the priority among priorities of the organization and management, front-line employees to carry out troubleshooting, special operations, failure of key parts, the production unit prone and easily frozen line instruments conducted a thorough investigation, random check staff on-site operation details, to find the "violation" behavior seriously.

  Daqing oil field gas production company also according to the regulation of production management during the rainy season, increase the number of stations, stations, visits, monitoring the pressure and temperature parameters, and found abnormal signs timely adjustment. According to the characteristics of long production line and wide range, this branch establishes information management platform, implements system flow, process form and form information management standards, so as to further improve self management level of well station.

  All the staff in the production line to eat, to carry out the dynamic analysis of gas well during the rainy season and measurement inspection, timely tracking and understanding of gas and water production change, accurately grasp the gas well production performance, ensure that the main maximum potential of stable production of gas wells, wells production inefficiency, and achieve the precision tube production.

  It is understood that, at present, the Daqing oilfield gas production company daily maximum supply peak value of 5 million cubic meters, and strive for the successful completion of the task for reserve gas accumulation.

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