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Daqing Oilfield "three" action aroused innovation boom

Daqing Oilfield "three" action aroused innovation boom

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  China Petroleum network news on November 3rd, Daqing oilfield oil production two factory "Liu Li studio" is very busy, many front-line employees spontaneously come here to visit and study. As of the date of the Daqing oilfield has established 8 provincial and national skills Master Studio, 56 Model Innovation Studio, "screw pump wells multifunctional cable protection tube" and "automatic control technology for coal feeder" and a large number of innovative achievements application, create considerable economic benefits.

  Daqing oilfield vigorously carry forward the fine style of hard work and thrift, Daqing oil trade unions, the Communist Youth League organizations to carry out the "three up" (the traditional foundation, and career, hundred years meritorious) full of action, and issued a full action proposal in February this year, guide the staff to further enhance the sense of crisis and sense of responsibility and mission, set up the long, bitter day austere life thought, consciousness and businesses have the same fate.

  After the "three standing" full action initiative was issued, Daqing oil field moved rapidly up and down, and every unit and department around the daily work, actively carry out various forms of innovation and innovation activities. The majority of cadres and employees change consciousness, based on the post, from me, start from small, active wireless alarm, and many mass small inventions, small creations, small innovation came into being.

  In the "three" full of action, Daqing Oilfield on lowering the efficiency of expenditure to seriously implement the 30 tasks in 10 aspects, a large number of affordable innovation application, create considerable economic benefits. Taking the oil production system as an example, the packing boxes developed by the six mine technicians in Daqing oil production plant, the pumping unit 243 balancing method and the belt five level management method have saved the production cost of millions of yuan. The four factory of Daqing oil production two mine maintenance team to repair old team, 5 man mine pump, valve, instrument repair old, half repair parts for more than 400 pieces of equipment, to create value more than 300 yuan.

  During the operation, the units have been in line with the advanced international standards to meet the first-class level. The production management and construction site automation have been greatly improved, and the employment level has been continuously improved. Among them, the power plant oil field thermal power plant in-depth benchmarking linkage, unit power supply coal consumption decreased by 7.98 grams per kilowatt hour.

  Daqing oilfield attaches great importance to the people of creativity and efficiency activities, on-line mass innovation and benefit sharing and integration of information platform, improve the results of evaluation, application, incentive Commission and other supporting mechanisms, further to create a conducive atmosphere full of innovation and efficiency.

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