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Daily inspection and maintenance of mud shale shaker

Daily inspection and maintenance of mud shale shaker

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1. Carefully check whether the fastening bolts of each joint of the sieve machine are loose. If it is loose and continue to operate, it will cause damage to the mud shale shaker.

mud shale shaker

2. Whether the wiring from the vibration motor to the switch is worn or not, use neoprene vibration-resistant cables when replacing the cables. Operation with missing items is strictly prohibited.

3. Check the motor for abnormal sound and abnormal heating. The temperature limit of the motor bearing part is 40°C higher than the ambient temperature. If it is abnormal, add lubricating oil or replace the bearing. The decoration of mud shale shaker should be carried out by technicians with professional knowledge.

4. Whether the mud shale shaker is tensioned and whether the mesh surface is damaged. If there is any damage, replace the mesh in time.

5. Mud shale shaker must be cleaned up every time after use.

If you find that the mud shale shaker is damaged during use and you need to replace the screen with a new one, just loosen the external locking handle, you can remove the screen grid, take out the screen frame, remove the rubber seal ring, tighten the bolt, and loosen the screen. The fastening bolts of the frame can replace the damaged screen. The mud shale shaker must be flat and firm. The lower bolts of the screen frame must be tightened first, and then the upper bolts must be tightened. The two external V-groove bolts must be tightened.