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Dagang oil field; mining rights; orderly withdrawal; Nature Reserve

Dagang oil field; mining rights; orderly withdrawal; Nature Reserve

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  Chinese oil network news reporter was informed that the August 28th, Dagang Oilfield completed "reserve of mineral rights within the scope of exit plan", to ensure that the "landing beautiful scenery is jinshanyinshan concept.

  It is understood that Dagang Exploration Area is located in the south central part of the Huanghua depression of Bohai Bay Basin, and has 25 Prospecting Zones and cities and counties in the region of Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong and Shandong provinces, and has an environmental sensitive area within the mining area. Withdrawal from protected areas has an impact on oil reserves, oil and gas well distribution and production, pipelines and stations.

  In accordance with the requirements of joint-stock company of Dagang Oilfield, social responsibility initiative, which lasted 3 months, the distribution of land area and ecological conservation investigation thoroughly, find out the areas involved in the reserves, oil wells occupancy, exit the influence on oil and gas production area analysis of natural protection, completed the disposal of reservoir geology, well plugging and ground facilities, power facilities exit scheme, ecological restoration and land reclamation project of a total of 5 independent projects, and complete the preparation of Dagang Oilfield nature reserve overall exit plan. At the same time, the main leaders have repeatedly carried out investigations and investigations at the production site of the Wetland Nature Reserve, and examined the environmentally sensitive safety and environmental protection work in production areas.

  Beidagang wetland where Qianmiqiao area, past due to natural gas discovery is known, is still the rich oil and gas resources. During the peak period of history, 34 pumping units were operating at the same time. In 2016, Dagang Oilfield was cut to 5 pumping units on the edge of the remaining wetlands.

  The Nandagang wetland in Dagang oilfield development area two plant involving 7 development units, gaochentou oil and Zhangjuhe some oil field, there are 56 oil and water wells, the prediction will exit 10 years cumulative effect yield of nearly 1 million 350 thousand tons.

  During the oil wells in Dagang Oilfield will proceed in an orderly exit, the protection of the ecological environment in the first place, the strict implementation of the nature reserve management regulations, maintenance such as interference, noise pollution and eradicate pollution risk well repair, reduce vehicle exhaust emission inspection wells, protect the ecological environment of the wetland, the environmental impact to a minimum.

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