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Cyclone desilter without bottom shaker for customer

Cyclone desilter without bottom shaker for customer

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Cyclone Desilter Without Bottom Shaker

  It is used in local river dredging projects to separate mud, sand and water in the river.

  This desilter is a customized product. This time, we have customized 4 cyclones according to the needs of customers. In the process of desilting in river water, it can separate the solid phase particles with a particle diameter of 5-20 μm in the material, and remove the cyclone. After the initial screening and cleaning of the sediment is completed, the next step is carried out, which can better satisfy the customer's small site operation site, high sediment content in the material, and large processing capacity requirements.
   This product can customize the material of the cyclone according to the properties of the customer's on-site materials. The customized materials include: high-chromium cast iron, polyurethane, wear-resistant rubber, wear-resistant ceramics, stainless steel, etc.

  If you have any needs or quesitons,please contact us.

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