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Customers order Tangshan Aojie solid control diesel tank, now shipped

Customers order Tangshan Aojie solid control diesel tank, now shipped

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Two sets of diesel tanks produced by Aojie Solid Control have been sent to the customer's designated location.

Diesel tanks are the main supporting equipment for oilfield drilling rigs, mainly for storing and supplying fuel to generator sets. The tank designed and produced by our company is easy to operate, easy to use and easy to maintain. Can be tailored to the requirements of customers.

Diesel tank features:
     1. The tank body is welded, and the whole pressure test is carried out to ensure no leakage;
     2, the outer surface of the tank is made of anti-corrosion treatment: three layers of glass cloth, four times of asphalt paint;
     3. The tank body should be treated with lightning protection and static electricity;
     4. The barrel plate is selected for welding, and the whole tank is welded by double-sided;


     5. The head adopts a standard butterfly-shaped spinning head and adopts butt welding;

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