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Customer ordered drilling fluid desilter

Customer ordered drilling fluid desilter

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The desilter is a three-stage solid control device used in the solid phase control system of drilling fluid. It is a combination of a cyclone desilter and a vibrating screen. The cyclone desilter is designed according to the principle of particle sedimentation. The drilling fluid generates a certain pressure and speed through the sand pump, and spirally enters along the inner wall of the cyclone. The coarser particles spirally sink along the inner wall of the cyclone under the action of centrifugal force and gravity, and are discharged from the bottom flow port, falling below the breakdown. The vibrating screen is separated, and the remaining medium spirals up along the cyclone, and enters the fourth stage separation equipment centrifuge from the overflow port for further purification treatment. The drilling fluid desilter produced by our company has high separation capacity and wide separation particle size; the bottom flow port of the cyclone has a pressure-like umbrella-like “wet bottom” sand discharge, so that the particles in the separation zone can be quickly discharged, reducing the blockage of the bottom flow port. The probability of the advanced small two-screen mud vibrating screen is large, the noise is small, the screen life is long, and the symmetrical liquid inlet mechanism makes the swirl distribution reasonable and stable.
     The mud remover is mainly used to remove harmful solid phase particles having a particle size of 20 to 40 μm in the drilling fluid. The type of mud removal cleaner is designed reasonably, and the hydrocyclone cone is fast connected for easy maintenance, long service life and stable performance. Drilling fluid cyclone desilter advantages: 1, drilling fluid cyclone desilter uses polyurethane material cyclone, long service life, light weight, easy to maintain. 2, high separation capacity, wide range of separation size; can remove solid particles of ≥ 47μm. 3. The bottom flow port of the cyclone is in the form of a pressure-umbrella-like “wet bottom” to discharge the particles in the separation zone, which reduces the probability of blockage of the bottom flow port. 4. Each drilling fluid desilting cyclone inlet and outlet are equipped with ball valves, which can adjust the amount of desilter work at any time, and the operation is simple and easy to maintain. 5. Symmetrical liquid inlet mechanism makes the swirl distribution reasonable and stable. 6. The noise is small, the processing capacity is large, and the screen has a long service life.
CNQ series desilter technical parameter
Model CNQ100 CNQ125
Treatment volume ≤240m3/h (1056GPM) ≤300m3/h (1320GPM)
Screen area 1.0M2 (600×1600mm) 1.0M2 (600×1600mm)
Cyclone size 4" 5 " 
Number of cyclones 4-12 4-12
Working pressure 0.15~0.35Mpa 0.15~0.35Mpa
Matching sand pump 15kw~55kw 22kw~75kw
Inlet pipe diameter 100-150mm 100-150mm
Discharge pipe diameter 125-200mm 125-200mm
Separation granularity 15μm~47μm 15μm~47μm
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