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Composition and advantages of drilling waste system

Composition and advantages of drilling waste system

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The oil drilling process will produce a lot of pollutants. Waste drilling mud is one of the main pollutants. For different types of drilling waste, we should adopt different drilling waste systems.

Composition of drilling waste system: The whole system consists of 4 units, conveying system, drying system, gel breaking system, and filter press system.
1. The conveying system includes a sealed screw conveyor to collect drill cuttings from the mud shaker screen.
2. The drying system includes 1 drying screen, 1 recovery tank, and 1 belt conveyor.
3. The glue breaking system includes 2 storage tanks, 1 Centrifugal Pump, and 1 glue breaking tank.
4. The filter press system includes 1 plunger pump, 1 box filter press, and 1 belt conveyor.

drilling waste system
1. The drilling waste system is placed after the conventional solids control system.
2. The drill cuttings discharged by the 3 vibrating screens in the Solids Control System are collected in time by the closed Auger Conveyors and transported to the drying screen.
3. The drying screen recovers the adsorbed mud in the drill cuttings, and the mud is recycled to the recovery tank and connected with the storage tank; the drill cuttings after the drying screen is transported and loaded by a belt conveyor for centralized processing.
4. The centrifugal pump transports the waste slurry in the storage tank to the gel breaking tank for automatic dosing, destabilization, gel breaking and flocculation, so that the waste slurry forms a pretreatment slurry suitable for solid-liquid separation.
5. Use a plunger pump to transport the pretreated slurry to a filter press for pressure filtration, the filter cake is transported and loaded on a belt conveyor, and the clean water after pressure filtration is recovered for use.

Drilling waste system description
The oil-based drill cuttings separated from the petroleum mud Solids Control System are transported to the vertical drill cuttings dryer through a screw conveyor for processing, and the dried drill cuttings fall into the cuttings box for transportation; the drilling fluid containing a small amount of solid phase is passed through an industrial pump or screw The pump is transported to the decanter centrifuge for further processing, and the mud after the decanter centrifuge treatment is re-injected into the mud circulation system.

Drilling waste system equipment composition
Screw conveyor, vertical drill chip dryer, decanter centrifuge, screw pump

Advantages of drilling waste system:
1. Realize the drilling waste system treatment on the drilling site.
2. It has good site adaptability and can basically meet the requirements of actual drilling conditions.
3. Dry drill cuttings can be used for well site and roadbed laying, etc., so as to realize clean production.
4. The separated clean water is recycled or returned to the Solids Control System to participate in the cycle again.
5. The separated clean water can also be deeply purified and discharged after the treatment reaches the standard.
Slurry waste along with drilling waste system is the cutting-edge technology of waste slurry treatment. It can not only solve the on-site environmental problems very well, but also recycle the waste generated by the on-site solid control system.