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China Petroleum key project QHSE quantitative audit steadily

China Petroleum key project QHSE quantitative audit steadily

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  Chinese oil network news September 27th, the reporter learned from the quality and safety and environmental protection department was informed that, as the group, "focus on the activities of the quality month", company audit group completed the Russian oil Liaoyang petrochemical project of QHSE quantitative audit for a period of 6 days, marking the key engineering construction company construction project QHSE quantitative audit has completed the annual task, and into the standardization track.

  To carry out quantitative QHSE audit on key construction projects is an important measure for the group company to ensure the key project construction on schedule, quality and safety. This year, the group company with the 2017 project quality supervision work and HSE audit arrangements, is second on the Sino Russian oil pipeline engineering, Shaanxi Beijing line four pipeline engineering, North China Petrochemical million tons refinery engineering company of group of key projects carried out quantitative audit work QHSE. From the audit situation, four key construction projects of the QHSE management of the overall controlled and reached good level, but compared with the excellent level there is a certain gap, still need the participation of all parties to further strengthen the quality, safety and environmental management.

  The construction units in the construction units of the organization, careful arrangements, actively cooperate to ensure that the audit inspection work carried out smoothly. Before the examination, the construction units to determine the "not the form, not as a mere formality, not evade the issue, the working principle of the whole open check", to achieve full coverage of the main project, the responsibility of the full coverage and quality, safety and environmental protection work.

  In view of the problems of audit group, the construction units to determine the person responsible for personal supervision, limited rectification, a catch in the end of the rectification of the problem requires deep thinking, revealing problems caused by the further analysis the reasons of professional units, one by one on the same types of problems, formulate prevention measures and to clear the responsible person, to ensure that similar problems will not be repeated.

  Construction project audit is to quantify QHSE, construction of the main line of business process, to the construction site for the key, to quantify the audit and evaluation of the project entity quality, quality behavior, the parties participating in the construction site equipment, operation and environment, timely detection of problems, find a short board. The audit object covers the project construction units, supervision units, EPC general contractor and all parties participating in the construction.

  By carrying out QHSE quantitative examination, not only effectively ensure the quality, safety and environmental management level of key construction projects, but also can promote and enhance the effectiveness of the parties participating in the construction unit of the quality management system and HSE management system operation.

  It is learnt that the group quality, safety, environmental protection department is organizing experts to seriously sum up the audit experience, the audit standards for further revision and improvement, next year will continue to promote key construction projects QHSE quantitative audit work.

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