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Changqing oil production plant seven to carry out "double tune" work, water drop oil rise

Changqing oil production plant seven to carry out "double tune" work, water drop oil rise

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  Chinese oil network news at the beginning of August, Changqing Oilfield seven plants Tibet Luo 38 area 94 wells, the average daily oil production increased from 77 tons to 96.7 tons, increased rate of water decreased from 3.4% to -10.4%, marking the water shutoff and microsphere flooding "double transfer" has seen substantial effect to carry out the seven production plant the.

  Two oilfield seven plant mining Shaanxi Wuqi and Gansu Huanjiang white leopard, underground complex, dense rock, fast production decline, the difficulty of exploitation of low permeability, as can be imagined, the heterogeneity of rock is extremely strong, called the "grindstone in the grindstone". In recent years, the seven production plant in all production unit in Changqing Oilfield, became a major shortfall in output, the natural decline rate in 2016 reached 20%, more than a block of water cut rise too fast, decreasing greatly, oilfield development difficult.

  Beginning of this year, the seven oil production plant in accordance with the principle of "root and root", calm analysis and find the passive production of subjective and objective reasons. This factory starts with changing the ideas and ideas, deeply analyzing the problems existing in the previous development ideas, re recognizing each reservoir, and recognizing every oil and water well again. Based on the true face of the recognize formation, according to the development of each wells crack size and porosity, selected a large number of problems well, from the time, scale, the implementation of various measures, technical personnel decisively put forward "single point control and profile control, the combination of contiguous treatment combination, and early prevention of polymer flooding microspheres combined with deep profilecontrol introducing marketing team and independent operation" the combination of water shutoff and microsphere flooding solutions.

  "As a key basic work in oil field development, today's profile control and profile control drive are stable production tomorrow." Oil production plant seven factory director and said.

  "Double tune" work started in March, and rolled out in May. The passive situation of crude oil production in the seven oil production plant has been greatly improved. Since June, the old natural decline, stable foundation is improved obviously, reduce the monthly, in new capacity is not many, the monthly crude oil decline from the beginning of the 2% fell to the current 0.5%. The daily output of crude oil in the whole plant increased from 4142 tons in the middle of April to 4370 tons in mid July, a net increase of 228 tons, and gradually got out of the difficulty and stepped on the task of completing the annual production task.

  Up to now, seven oil production plants this year, measures to increase oil output has reached 12 thousand and 600 tons. Among them, through water plugging profile control measures, 209 wells, daily oil 97 tons, the cumulative increase of 5655 tons of oil.

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