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Changqing gas production, three plants, innovation model, construction, speed increase

Changqing gas production, three plants, innovation model, construction, speed increase

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  China oil network news as of August 31st, Changqing Oilfield gas plant three cumulative use of 103 drilling rigs, drilling 358 wells, drilled 296, completed footage of 1 million 266 thousand and 700 meters, the completion of the annual deployment and 63.76% additional footage, capacity building into the fast lane. Since the beginning of this year, facing the arduous task of building a production capacity of 2 billion cubic meters of gas, three factory closely around capacity building objectives, adhere to the scientific and efficient development, innovation of production mode, to speed up the construction pace of productivity.

  Orderly "lifting gear" for speed. In August 24th, production and construction project group of gas production plant three held a drilling project speed promotion meeting in Sulige gas field. Gas production capacity of three plants, drilling, drilling and completion of the same period, the number of completion of Sulige gas field is the most. Su 14-11-14C2 well drilled this year, the completion of drilling 3620 meters deep, drilling cycle 12 days, the construction period of 17 days, to refresh the Su 14 block straight / directional well drilling cycle and construction cycle two records. At the same time, the Su 14-13-54H1 horizontal well is 4575 meters deep and 1000 meters long. The drilling cycle is 29 days, and the construction period is 32 days. The records of the drilling cycle and the construction period of the two wells in the Su 14 block are updated.

  Gas production and construction projects in three factories, innovative production management, the project consists of 4 professional teams to carry out qualification verification work. 230 members of the verification team for shaft engineering. The ground engineering shall carry out on-site examination to carry out selective examination of welders, and examine 10 persons for examination. The qualification rate is 100%, and the passing rate of welding at once is over 96%. At present, 285 drilling straight / directional wells, the completion of the same period of the year the most, the average drilling cycle 22.85 days, compared with 2016 to shorten by 7%, creating a gas producing three factory average drilling cycle of the shortest record.

  Stimulate internal strength to help labor. In order to speed up the construction of production capacity, the three gas producing plant has formed the concept of "one body and two wings" with management and management as its main body, geological research and engineering technology as its wings, and has created a "223" capacity construction model.

  The so-called "223" production and construction model is to play "2 roles", "2 guarantees" and "3 strict"". "2 roles", that is, to play the role of coordination and communication, the use of weekly construction coordination meeting, the construction progress related to the issue of a clear adjustment. Play the role of supervision and inspection, the establishment of "construction units - supervision companies - project group" three party inspection team, the construction process throughout the tracking, the first time to eliminate the adverse factors affecting construction progress. The "2 guarantees" to ensure that the overall schedule for key projects, key process, Valet job, ensure the timely production of key breakthrough; Nii, in advance to carry out pipe laying, the ground is always followed by the test gas production schedule, after the test of multiple units centralized cooperative operation. The "3 strict" strict material management, strictly carry out drawings, design review and technical clarification, strict approval of key processes.

  In Su 14 block, horizontal well development technique is adopted, 5 drilled horizontal wells are drilled, the average drilling period is 38 days, the length of horizontal section is 1038 meters, and the effective drilling rate is 66.88%. August 16th to 17, completion of the Su 14-2-22CH old well sidetracking horizontal well fracturing operation in Sulige gas field first, the remaining geological reserves of abandoned wells, casing damage wells, low yield wells effective use, reduce the cost of development.

  Process control to ensure safety. It is our responsibility to accomplish the task of building production safely, efficiently and efficiently. Through the implementation of fine management of the project, extensive application of new technologies, continuous optimization of construction programs, to achieve quality and efficiency, and enhance the level of production and construction efficiency." Changqing Oilfield three deputy director of the gas plant, production project manager Ding Hui said.

  Since the beginning of this year, the gas three plant project team vigorously implement fine management, key projects, key processes breakthroughs. As in the straight / directional well drilling operation, the anticollision and avoidance of obstacle section and oblique section, and under the steady inclined straight section key wells, point tracking, grasping orientation trajectory, anti-collision security section and measures to implement the whipstocking section, and under the steady inclined straight section to meet the design requirements. Up to now, 296 drilled wells have passed 100% of the body quality.

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