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Changqing Zizhou Gas field full production after the disaster

Changqing Zizhou Gas field full production after the disaster

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  Since late 7, heavy rainfall has continued in some parts of the north of China. The typhoon hit the South and caused floods. The face of disaster, China oil in local enterprises to do a good job of production work, on the one hand, to actively participate in the local rescue, write a paean to the fish and water - oil

  China oil network news (reporter Yang Wenli correspondent Yin Linfeng Zhang Xiaofeng) after the Changqing Oilfield gas plant two strong and timely rescue and disaster relief in Shaanxi, Yulin "7 - 26" torrential floods were forced to shut down Changqing Zizhou Gas Field, as of August 2nd 16, 18 sets of gas stations, 239 wells has been fully resume production supply Nissan, gas recovery to the disaster in front of 3 million 600 thousand cubic meters, effectively ensure the Zizhou and Suide areas of natural gas supply.

  July 25th to 26, the Suide area of Shaanxi, Zizhou consecutive regional rainstorm, debris flow disasters caused by the hundred years, was forced to shut down all the Zizhou Gas field.

  Disaster is order. Gas production plant two on the evening of July 25th launched an emergency flood control emergency plan, factory area two level leadership adhere to the production control center, organization operation area, treatment plant and gas gathering station staff to strengthen the night duty duty, to ensure personal safety, equipment and facilities.

  The 26 day morning after the rain stopped, the factory act quickly, the mobilization of cadres, technical personnel and service personnel, fire officers and men to the more than 300 member rescue commando, led by the leaders of the factory, the first time to Zizhou area, walked into the disaster area, the heavy rain on the equipment operation, damaged roads, pipelines were exposed round mopai. 27, two gas plant and held a mobilization meeting, gathered more than 1000 staff, dispatched rescue vehicles more than 220 times, use of loaders, excavators and other heavy machinery more than 70 times, to open up the road, pit backfill, repair communications facilities, rush to transport supplies.

  By August 2nd, in addition to the 2 gas gathering station, pit road 3 across the Dali River and gas pipelines are trying to repair, Zizhou Gas Field has been fully restored to normal production and living order.

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