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Changqing Shenmu super conventional exploitation of cold and cold use gas

Changqing Shenmu super conventional exploitation of cold and cold use gas

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  China Petroleum Network News January 22nd, the Ordos Basin, the source of Shaanxi Beijing pipeline came good news, Changqing Shenmu gas field increased nearly 100 million cubic meters per day, with a daily output of 4 million 510 thousand cubic meters, the development of ultra conventional, to ensure that the downstream users warm and cold.

  Located in the desert area of the edge of Yulin gas field, the geological structure is complex, the reservoir heterogeneity is strong, the natural gas area is overlapped with the coal mining area resources, and the relationship between the enterprises and the land is complex. At the beginning of the development and construction, Shenmu gas field was not good.

  Two gas plant of Changqing Oilfield Production Supervisor Shenmu gas field development research, find out the fine gas reservoir, reservoir distribution, innovative ways of gas field development, explore the "ground, underground mining, cross partition to avoid the" gas mining model, to solve the problem of natural gas and coal in the same block can not simultaneously mining problem play the foundation for the large-scale development of Shenmu gasfield.

  Multilayer composite gas bearing layers, low yield, Shenmu field how to build production scale benefit development? Gas exploration of a "multi wells factory two large well group stereo development mode of multilayer system, through the" cluster wells + level wells wells, effectively solve the problem of mining underground geological structure of multilayer system. The Kamiki Keda and II type high gas wells accounted for more than 2/3 of the total gas wells, which realized the scale and high efficiency development.

  For after the beginning of winter, in order to fundamentally improve the single well production, enhance the field overall recovery and prolong the life of single well gas production plant, two vigorously apply mature "well" fine management measures, vigorously implement the foam drainage, downhole throttling, velocity string, plunger lift as series of technical measures well, prolong the stable production period, improves the real-time production of gas well.

  The daily output of Shenmu gas field is above 4 million cubic meters, which is the timely rain for supply in winter. Changqing Oilfield ensures the supply of natural gas in the capital and North China is more adequate.

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