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Changqing Oilfield opens the natural gas supply mode in winter

Changqing Oilfield opens the natural gas supply mode in winter

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  China Petroleum network news on November 6th, most of Xi'an district has started heating system to suppress the water test. At the same time, in the vast Ordos Basin, Changqing Oilfield natural gas supply mode has been fully opened in winter. At present, the average daily output of natural gas has reached more than 100 million cubic meters.

  This winter and spring, the national natural gas consumption demand will continue strong. The national development and Reform Commission expects that the situation of natural gas supply and demand will be severe during the peak winter, and the contradiction will be more prominent in case of persistent low temperature weather. To do a good job this winter for the security work, group company, Changqing Oilfield Company has held ahead of the deployment, winter natural gas supply to ensure the timely meeting of new capacity put into production, efforts to increase the supply of new resources. Changqing Oilfield leaders have repeatedly emphasized on different occasions: "in the face of the grim situation this year for the protection, we should start to increase security for the beam, new wells, production wells and peak shaving, resolutely fulfill its responsibility for the three, to ensure that the downstream thousands of households warm winter."

  Changqing Oilfield after years of continuous exploration, has formed a mature production verification, demand forecasting, demand response "three-in-one" peaking Paul for mechanisms that organize production in two levels according to the new wells and old wells, well to verify capacity; strengthen the downstream demand forecast, divided into normal and abnormal two periods refinement, peak yield index; yield will be divided into basic output, peak well production and storage of gas production, according to the different demand for gas, open different wells.

  As winter started a comprehensive security for the war, this year the focus of Changqing Oilfield by accelerating Nii gas testing, production schedule, pay close attention to the ground engineering construction, adhere to the "after a mouth, even into a mouth, a production" principle, guarantee Nii capacity effectively, this year is expected to put into production wells 1345, Nissan 18 million 718 thousand cubic meters of gas. Optimization of part of the old wells and wells as well as new high peak, the winter production wellhead heating stove, ensure stable gas supply under extreme conditions. This year, 72 sets of wellhead heating furnaces are expected to be carried out, and the peak gas supply period can produce 1 million 500 thousand cubic meters of natural gas per day. According to a family of four gas consumption per cubic meter of 0.75 cubic meters, 1 million 500 thousand cubic meters of natural gas can meet more than 2 million daily household gas demand.

  Jingbian, Yulin, Changqing, Surig Shenmu Zizhou, the five major gas fields fully tap potential, in a timely manner to carry out drainage gas, ramped up to speed up the natural gas production (processing); reasonable arrangements for the purification plant, gas gathering station maintenance, pipeline pigging work, ensure that the pipeline facilities when in the optimal state, to improve the security for the peak ability.

  Among them, Jingbian gas field, the production units of production and construction group cooperate closely, take the initiative to rely on, give full play to the new gas wells, to provide adequate forage for stable gas supply". Up to now, 93 gas wells have been completed in Jingbian gas field, 97 of which are under construction, and 103 have been put into operation, with 2 million 516 thousand cubic meters per day, with a total gas production of 262 million 570 thousand cubic meters.

  Yulin gas field continued to optimize the "wells classification management a well a policy", and strictly implement the gas and produced fine drainage tubes, downhole throttling speed, plunger gas lift etc. auxiliary production technology and management measures, November 15th is expected to add plunger gas lift wells 15, the speed of tube wells 5, "Paul for" will be carried out during the 2540 wells of foam drainage operation in 480 wells.

  The reasonable productivity of Sulige gas field to verify the precision of peak gas supply in winter of each stage play and emergency allocation, according to the monthly decline rate inverted monthly production plan, production of refined to the wellhead, maximize the production potential, and Nii continued to accelerate production efforts. In mid October, is located in the 2 block of Sulige gas field in peach a cluster wells, captured two AOF ultra million cubic meters of gas, a non resistance flow for Nissan 1 million 81 thousand and 400 cubic meters, another export up to 2 million 121 thousand and 300 cubic meters, providing strong support for the protection of winter gas.

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