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Changqing 92 Yinggang Gang compaction and lowering the efficiency

Changqing 92 Yinggang Gang compaction and lowering the efficiency

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  Chinese oil network news September 12th, the relevant departments in the Changqing Oilfield saw a drop of the efficiency list: "the first half of this year to promote the direct power purchase 880 million kwh electricity, reduce power purchase costs 16 million 480 thousand yuan; the average pump detection period from the beginning of the 646 days to 652 days, reduce the maintenance of 2282 wells, saving the cost of 30 million yuan......"

  As a "three low" oil field, in the low oil price situation, Changqing Oilfield has many wells and low production status and the increasingly complex underground resources environment, which determines the actuarial benefit account". Since the beginning of this year, Changqing Oilfield implement 28 92 to lowering the efficiency of Yinggang Gang, strengthen the standard management, deep inside the potential and strive to put every penny on the blade.

  Changqing Oilfield with "pocketbook", through the optimization of capacity construction deployment, strengthen investment management and control process of horizontal wells construction scale and other means, the accurate prediction of favorable area, perfect platform, intensive construction and mode of production, the shallow reservoir scale from the beginning of the implementation of the expansion of 865 thousand tons to 1 million 270 thousand tons. Gas field construction group, comprehensively promote the Dajing cluster deployment, horizontal wells and on the ancient three-dimensional development, in the current international oil prices continued to slump, increase natural gas production scale, the new natural gas capacity of 3 billion 960 million cubic meters more than last year.

  Changqing Oilfield reservoir classification continued to promote the early warning management, improve the produced water treatment system, improve the producing degree of reservoir water flooding and displacement efficiency, and carry out a long stop wells production and low yield wells comprehensive governance, to revitalize the stock to benefit. The first half of this year, the oil production wells 217 growth end stop, stop injection well re injection of 74, low yield wells governance 1163, supporting 504 injecting wells, improve oil recovery in supporting the construction of water reinjection system. Compared with the same period last year, oil development indicators showed a "three down, four stable" situation.

  At the same time, Changqing Oilfield to tap the potential, and actively introduce advanced remanufacturing technology, to strengthen the reuse of waste equipment, improve equipment performance in the service, and create significant economic benefits. South of the Five Ridges Changqing oilfield oil recovery by rod coupling, independent maintenance dosing pump, manual valve pressure, "pull to change transmission transformation process between the open system Mopai well repairing and recycling measures to ensure that crude oil production steadily from January to July this year, the basic operation plan cost savings of 8 million 697 thousand and 900 yuan.

  Actuarial "savings account", bit by bit to benefit. Equipment, pipe repair old production skills has independent innovation in Changqing Oilfield has become the new normal staff.

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