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Changqing 301 well has accumulated 100 thousand tons of oil production in 30 years

Changqing 301 well has accumulated 100 thousand tons of oil production in 30 years

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  Chinese oil network news according to the September 18th report shows, by Changqing Oilfield three plants in Wuqi area management work Wu 301 well, Nissan 3.15 tons of oil. So far, the Wu 301 well, which has been put into operation for 30 years, has accumulated 108 thousand tons of oil production.

  "A 30 year old" old age "of the old wells, crude oil production is still emboldened enough, don't say in the same geological conditions of the same age wells, new wells even cast a new two years also quite pressure." Oil extraction three factory chief geologist Ma Yongning said.

  Belongs to low permeability, low pressure, low abundance of Wuqi area, dense rock known as the "stone", the water in the rocks of crude oil, as contained in the Steamed Buns steamed in the water to come out of it is difficult.

  The wellbore environment is like the human heart, the center of the oil well management. When the wellbore environment deteriorates, it is the decline of the oil well production. For a long time, wellbore governance ideas Qi operating zone "to a well and a method of a process" and "three technology, seven management", in order to comprehensively promote the "oil wells management" as an opportunity to "reduce the single well pump inspection wells, improve the efficiency of the system as the goal, according to the actual situation in different regions different horizons and different wells, the full implementation of differentiated measures, different treatment programs timely make different shaft, timely adjustment of dosing system, good anticorrosion, anti scaling, anti wax and anti abrasion measures, do the running state of each wells on a check, daily maintenance, to achieve the disease disease prevention, disease and treatment purposes, to make every mouthful of high yield well to youth, let each wells problem do not work sick, ensure the normal oil production and health.

  Especially through the investigation of each wells well history, establishment of health records to wellbore wells, enhance the staff of each wells management targeted and effective, played every single well production wells advantage. As in Wu 301 well management, from ground to underground, from the ground to the shaft, not only through increased enforcement, touch, hold, school, hot washing, adding "six small" measures do not let go, and with the help of digital management monitoring platform based on the modern management means, late for time all the data entry all can refer to the use, to analyze wellbore problems, and put forward the corresponding control measures in a timely manner, the optimization of production parameters of oil well, to ensure that the Wu 301 well 30 years old.

  According to statistics, in the world with the level of development of the problem of Wuqi oilfield, continuous development of 30 years of Wu 301 well, the average daily output of up to 9.8 tons, nearly 4 times the same area of new investment and daily oil production, is the efficient development of tight oil stable miracle.

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