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Carbon dioxide flooding helps green production in Changqing five oil production plant

Carbon dioxide flooding helps green production in Changqing five oil production plant

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  Obvious oil increasing effect

  Cost savings of more than 150 yuan per well

  China Petroleum Network News reporter was informed in November 2nd, Changqing oil production plant five yellow 3 District carbon dioxide pilot test area successfully bet 3 wells, the current cumulative gas injection 4492 tons, 167.98 tons of oil increase.

  As the first carbon dioxide flooding and storage test area in Changqing Oilfield, the five oil production plant, how to make the experiment successful and effective, has become a new topic of carbon dioxide flooding project team.

  Facing the new challenges, the plant carbon dioxide project group after continuous exploration, successfully put into operation, the new problems come one after another, Jiyuan oilfield tableland 27-103 due to high injection pressure, injection does not enter. They learn from the domestic and foreign technology, implementation of the heavy hole pressure + acid fracturing, and use the development of Shengli Oilfield Engineering Institute Y445-115 packer and the original gas well tubing completion operations. The matching process by optimizing the injection wells, the oil pressure of 14.5 MPa, the injection volume can reach geological injection distribution requirements, wellbore gas tightness can meet the requirements of gas injection, single well cost savings of more than 150 yuan, for the next step to continue to carry out the "9 38" pilot injection wells with accumulated valuable experience.

  The implementation of group technical staff Li Boliang said the pilot carbon dioxide flooding test area: "according to the plan, after the gas injection in the test area for oil wells, pressure profile and production water component dynamic monitoring routine test reached 122 wells, the experimental effect is good." The pilot project of carbon dioxide flooding in Huang 3 area of Jiyuan oilfield is the first test project of CO2 flooding and storage in ultra-low permeability reservoir, which forms the technical system and safety production standard model.

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