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British BP Oil Company wants to invest in Henan?

British BP Oil Company wants to invest in Henan?

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 On April 4, the Henan Business Daily reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Commerce that the current CIFIT has attracted many well-known enterprises to attend the meeting. In addition, according to the organizing committee, British Petroleum British Petroleum, one of the world's largest oil companies, is expected to deploy Henan after the CIFIT.

Harmonious car, window of Europe
275 companies exhibited
           It is reported that this session of the CIFIT has reported a total of 565 exhibitors, after screening, the actual arrangement of 275 exhibitors, plans to use one floor hall 6 exhibition halls.
In the export product exhibition area, 204 companies including Foxconn, Huawei, Xiaomi, Zhisheng Yongdao and Yutong exhibited at the exhibition, mainly displaying smart and high-end equipment, electronic products, home appliances, tools, construction and decorative materials.
           In the area of ??imported goods, 40 companies including Harmony Auto, Window of Europe, and Hong Kong will participate in the exhibition. The intelligent robots and new energy vehicles that are at the forefront of technology will meet with you all. It is worth mentioning that this time, the import goods exhibition area Involving Korea, Japan, Germany and other countries.
          Unlike previous fairs, this year's CIFIT will focus more on trade cooperation. For the general public, you can buy international big names here and you can broaden your horizons to find business opportunities.
What good news
British BP oil is expected to enter Yu
There is more good news on the scene
         The organizing committee revealed that the British BP company is expected to enter Henan and prepare an investment plan. If BP in the UK decides to enter, this will become the second foreign oil company to enter Henan after Shell Oil last year.
         It is reported that as the guest country of the 11th China (Henan) International Investment and Trade Fair was Britain and British BP company visited Henan, and plans to deploy a gas station project in Henan. In this session of the CIFIT, the British BP company is also expected to participate. As for its investment plan, scale, etc., it needs to be announced during the CIFIT.
         Henan Business Daily reporter inquired that the British BP company is the first batch of international oil giants entering China and has been lingering in southern China for decades.            
        According to media reports, on February 2nd, 2018, the company suddenly announced a high-profile announcement that it would go northwards and form a joint venture with Dongming Petrochemical. It will establish 500 retail networks for high-end gas stations in Shandong, Henan and Hebei provinces. (Source: River Network)