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Bored pile mud treatment equipment manufacturers

Bored pile mud treatment equipment manufacturers

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  Now, in the construction of cast-in-place pile, the slurry wall protection technology is generally in the process of bored pile, but the treatment of waste mud is a major problem in construction. Kosun machinery manufacturing equipment for sludge dewatering, sludge dewatering machine, solid-liquid separation technology professional to provide integrated solutions for users, as well as the integration of mud separation systems.

  Waste mud contains a large number of clay, sand, gravel soil, weathered rock, minerals and cuttings, etc., its consistency is large, it can not directly discharge, but also difficult to natural subsidence. The use area of the construction site is limited. If it is not treated in time, it will not only affect the construction, but also cause environmental pollution or water pollution and other public hazards. The existing treatment method is to transport the tank truck to the garbage dump in the suburb so that it can be dried naturally or transported to the sea.

  Advantages of bored pile mud treatment equipment manufacturers:

  1. filter belt automatic tightening, automatic deviation correction, completely solve the filter belt deviation, damage filter belt; electric control system with chain protection device to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the whole machine.

  2. using a variety of anti-corrosion means of anti-corrosion, long service life;

  3. the design of three heavy dewatering area is super long, the dehydration rate is high, and the solid content of mud cake is high;

  4. the principle is simple, the components are unified, easy to manage and convenient to maintain;

  5. stable operation, low noise, less chemical dosage;

  6, fast speed, fast deviation, large output;

  Bored pile mud treatment equipment manufacturers advantages:

  1, the host machine increase square steel welding firmness of hot galvanizing anticorrosion treatment of acid and alkali corrosion, guaranteed for 5 years.

  2. All the rubber covered rollers are sealed and covered completely.

  3, the use of stainless steel plate, durable.

  4, the system operating costs, maintenance costs significantly lower than similar products.

  5, the sludge treatment capacity is high, the water content of filter cake is lower than the similar products.

  The slurry treatment equipment for bored piles will produce mud water output from mud water in pile driving construction, and be separated into mud and recycled water through mud separation treatment system, and the mud cake can be directly transported away by car. Recycling water is an important rear guarantee for the normal exploitation of the battlefield engineering. The processing system must be foolproof in the sand mining project, and achieve the reliability of one hundred percent.

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